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  • cons of becoming a lawyer

    • Mediator Licensing and Certification in California

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      Mediator Licensing and Certification in California Richard (Rick) Bowers and Nelle Moffett www.mediation-consultants.com www.speak-peace.com January 2010 The process of selecting a mediator can be very confusing and frustrating. How does one go about determining who is best qualified, experienced, or successful? Is there a licensing or ...


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      III. PROS AND CONS OF A CLERKSHIP Many first- and second-year students are not familiar with the pros and cons of a post-graduation judicial clerkship. When asking my fellow clerks how they feel the experience has benefitted them, the unanimous response was that it had improved their writing and analytical abilities.

    • Working as a ContraCt attorney— Good,

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      a look at the pros and cons of working as a contract attorney seems appropriate. Since the advent of the role of contract or freelance attorney, it has been, and still is, an alternative for attorneys who want to have the flexibility and work-life balance that a traditional law firm job does not provide. Contract work is also a means for

    • Sample copy of the report on the performance appraisal ...

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      Advising the client (under a lawyer’s supervision) in light of the client’s circumstances. ... • Articulates to the client the consequences (pros and cons) that may arise from the alternatives to a negotiated resolution of the issue. • Understands the parties’ interests, develops reasonable options for resolution of the issue and ...


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      they are dealing with, and the above-mentioned pros and cons of arbitration. A quality construction lawyer can assist in assessing the risks of arbitration, as well as offer ideas on drafting an arbitration provision that eliminates or limits some of the less desirable aspects of arbitration.

    • Lawyers Who Are Also Social Workers: How to Effectively ...

      Rules of Professional Conduct, “[a] lawyer is a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice.”7 A lawyer’s varied roles include advisor, advocate, negotiator, intermediary, and evaluator.8 Lawyers are generally concerned only with legal issues

    • Labor and Employment Law: A Career Guide

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      Working as a labor or employment lawyer can allow you a hand in altering these legal processes. The Scope of the Field ; The vagueness of the term “labor and employment law” can deter law students and attorneys when considered alongside easily definable fields that may sound more exciting, such as


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      THE DIVIDED LEGAL PROFESSION IN ENGLAND AND WALES-CAN BARRISTERS AND SOLICITORS EVER BE FUSED? Professor Harry Cohen* At the present time, lawyers in England are divided into two dis- tinct groups, barristers and solicitors.l Theoretically barristers are advo- cates and specialists in various fields of law, and solicitors are lawyers

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