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    • University of Colorado Denver | CU Denver

      Jobs in this career family manage the physical infrastructure of the University. Functions include planning, architectural design, capital project commissioning, building code compliance, engineering disciplines (electrical, mechanical, civil, etc.), architectural drafting, landscape design, energy conservation and construction project management.

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      Additional copies of the Handbook, which will be updated through releases when appropriate, can be ordered from the National Business Center, (D-2910), 7301 West Mansfield Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80235-2230. Debra E. Sonderman, Director. Office of Acquisition and Property Management . April 21, 2008 DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. HOUSING ...

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    • Under-an-Acre Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (U ...

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      To this end the Denver Service Center (DSC) Line Item Construction Program requires the contractor to prepare a plan for each project resulting in less 1 acre of soil disturbance or not otherwise subject to the requirements of the NPDES program. ... U-SWPPP is to develop and implement stormwater management measures to protect surface water from ...

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    • Chapter 3: Building an emergency management organization

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      Second, emergency management agencies have close relationships with Local Emergency Management Committees (LEMCs), which is a generic term for formalized disaster planning networks that are used to increase coordination among emergency-relevant agencies within a given community. Figure 3-1. Relationships Among Local and State Agencies.

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    • SECTION 010000 - DP&R SPEC TEMPLATE - Denver

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      [City and County of Denver – Standard Materials Management Plan (MMP), Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) – Environmental Quality Division, November 13, 2019 (see Appendix).] ... years and can prove experience on completed jobs of similar scope and complexity. Pre-installation Conference: Conduct conference at ...

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      Services shall be performed at COHBE’s office which is currently located at 303 E. 17th Street, Denver, CO (note: the physical location of COHBE’s offices may change during the course of this SOW, in which case services shall be performed at the new location, as directed by COHBE).

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