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    • AESOP Registration - Eugene School District

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      AESOP Registration Welcome to the Eugene School District 4j! This sheet will serve as your registration information for the AESOP (substitute dispatch) system. Attached you will find a user guide for the online and phone systems. You will be able to access AESOP either way. Who receives a substitute and uses AESOP: All Licensed Staff

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    • Absence/Frontline Information

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      AESOP). You can still access Frontline by phone or Internet to enter your absence; phone and Internet login information is provided below. Phone: Call 1-800-942-3767 Enter your ID Number (your phone number with area code) followed by the pound key (#) Enter your PIN number …


    • Aesop Info for Districtwide Communication

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      calling a toll-free number or by logging on to Aesop online using a computer or mobile device. Aesop will also call substitutes on their local or long distance phone number based on rules managed by the district and preferences set up by the substitute.

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    • Aesop Phone Number

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      System by Phone and Online Aesop Leave Reporting and Substitute Calling System For all Aurora Public Schools Teachers, Administrative/ ... Your AESOP ID is your 10-digit phone number. Your temporary PIN is 9 plus the last four digits of your Social Security Number. For Example:

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    • Aesop QuickStart Guide for Substitutes

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      When Aesop calls, your Caller ID will probably show 1-800-942-3767. Occasionally, it may display a school district name, depending on how the phone company handles the 800 number. Answer the phone with a “hello.” You must speak into the phone, since it is voice activated. If you hang up on Aesop, the system will wait at

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    • Employees - Report an Absence/Request a Substitute Aesop ...

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      lick Here: Aesop Online Help Employees - Report an Absence/Request a Substitute Aesop Employee Access: Aesop Online – Employee ***Important*** You must register with Aesop prior to entering an absence and/or requesting a substitute. If you notice any errors in your Aesop employee account please contact the appropriate HR Department ( ertificated

    • Frontline

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      contact your Kelly Educational Staffing office or KAST Center directly to record the absence. ... the system will assign a unique confirmation number to the absence. You may want to record this number to review absence history details ... phone number and external number.

    • Phone Website 1-800-942-3767 https://www.aesoponline.com ...

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      Information about your Aesop sub-service account. ... Please complete gold form/contact Dawn during school hours to arrange any other type of absence in advance of the absence (for example, a known/planned appointment, workshop attendance, approved ... ID Number: your phone number PIN Number: assigned in letter from opening day,

    • Press Phone System Instructions for Substitutes 1.800.942

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      Personalize the phone system To Review or Change your Personal Information, Press ④ • To review or change your name recording, Press ① • To change your Pin number, Press ② • To change your phone number , Press ③ Special Things to Note . When Aesop calls you: • The phone number that appears on Caller ID is: 1-800-942-3767.

    • When you call Aesop - AESOP Online

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      When you call Aesop Phone System Instructions for Employees www.aesopeducation.comrecording . 1.800.942.3767. Learn how to: Create absences by phone Review Upcoming Absences Personalize the phone system . To Review or Change your Personal Information, Press . ⑤. Absence • To review or change the recording of your name and title, Press . ①