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    • Lecture Notes on Time Value of Money

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      It also has some self-test questions and problems. Class notes are necessarily brief. See any principles of finance book for a more extensive explanation. Eugene F. Brigham, Joel F. Houston . Fundamentals of financial management . HG 4026 B6693 1998 . Ross, Stephen A, Westerfield, and Jordan . Fundamentals of corporate finance. HG 4026 .R677 1995

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    • FIN 394.1 - Advanced Corporate Finance - Alti

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      Lecture Notes and Class Handouts. These will be available on Blackboard as the course develops. The following books are . NOT. required. I have listed them here in case you wish to get a different perspective on a topic. ... FIN 394.1 - Advanced Corporate Finance - Alti Last modified by:

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      This course provides an overview of the theory of corporate finance and demonstrates the application of that theory to some of the decisions faced by the firm's financial manager. The course will also occasionally cover applications of the theory to the decisions of the individual investor-consumer. ... J. Koski -- Finance 502 Lecture Notes ...

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    • Corporate Finance: Newsletter - January 24, 2000

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      Corporate Finance: Newsletter - February 22, 2002. ... Bring your lecture notes, a working calculator (financial would be better but scientific will do) and any notes that you may have on the problems you worked through. What is a good strategy for the quiz?

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    • GSBA 548: Corporate Finance

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      GSBA 548: Corporate Finance. Lecture 11:00-12:20 p.m. M W Room: BRI 202. Section 15894D. 3 Units – 40 of 40 registered at 01/08/15 (Syllabus subject to revision)

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    • Corporate Finance - Carnegie Mellon University

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      an MBA level “corporate finance” course. It may be, if you have taken a 12 unit graduate finance course or any electives from an MBA program, the material in this course may be somewhat repetitive. ... Prior to each class, you are expected to check the course website and download the lecture notes and when posted listen to pod-casts or view ...

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    • Financial Management / Corporate Finance

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      Ross, Westerfield and Jaffe (RWJ), Corporate Finance, 8th edition, Irwin McGraw-Hill Publishers. Financial Management Course Pack - Contains lecture notes, cases, and additional relevant course information – available through bookstore. A financial calculator - or a calculator that at least can handle exponents - is required.

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      The purpose of the Instructor's Manual for Global Corporate Finance is to help instructors use the textbook effectively in teaching international finance courses. The Instructor's Manual contains the following items: ... and key terms along with other materials such as lecture notes are designed to provide instructors with teaching notes so ...

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    • Corporate Finance: On-site Syllabus

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      Corporate Finance. (4th Ed. ISBN 9780134083278). Pearson (This is the standalone text only.) Case study: “Astral Records LTD., North America: Some financial concerns.” Darden Business Publishing, UV0076, Version 1.5. Lecture Notes. The lecture notes will be posted on Blackboard.

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    • Wharton Finance - Finance Department

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      FNCE 731 International Corporate Finance. Fall 2009. Professor Gordon Bodnar. SAIS, Johns Hopkins University and Wharton ... I have a webpage that I will use as a place to make available electronic copies of lecture notes (if you missed them in class), problems sets, cases and their solutions as well as and other sources of information ...

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