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      Craigslist Craigslist is a free, online version of classified ads. You can search for things like jobs, items for sale, apartments to rent, and other services. There are separate craigslist pages for different towns in each state. www.craigslist.org From here, you can pick a city and state in which to browse.


    • Craigslist Instructions How To Posting A Job Cities

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      Craigslist lets job posting on Craigslist costs $25, and you can post to one category in one city no can't follow basic instructions may not be someone you want working for you. Below is a list of all the free job posting sites on Craigslist. Removed are the cities in which there is a charge to post jobs. Post jobs for free on Craigslist.

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      Craigslist 7 ! Guide! 9. You!will!be!asked!for!the!kind!of!posting!you!wish!to!post,!click!the!desired!bubble!and!hit!“continue”! 10. You!will!be!asked!which ...

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    • How to post an ad on Craigslist - FSBI University ~ Login

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      How to post an ad on Craigslist.com : A step-by-step guide STEP 1: This is the first screen you will come upon once you go to www.Craigslist.com. Select your location- state and then region. Once you have selected your location, you’ll want to create an account. FYI-For most categories, posting classifieds on Craigslist is free.

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    • Introduction to Craigslist

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      Craigslist –The Pros •Great for Purchasing Large Items-Furniture •Consumers get to actually see items in person •Craigslist ads go beyond items for sale and include personal, as well as employment listing, all-in-one website. •Straight up purchase method rather than auction •Craigslist is free for all services except job postings,

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    • Introduction to Craigslist - Northbrook Public Library

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      Introduction to Craigslist. Prerequisites ... Personal email address (required for Craigslist account) What is Craigslist? Website of classified ads ... Set up a free Craigslist account.