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  • create words from random letters

    • Create a rondo

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      This could be extended to children choosing a random letter, then clapping the rhythm. In pairs, children could pick 2 letters and perform the rhythm as a call and response exercise. Main lesson: Ask children to think of and share words or short phrases linked with their …

    • Crossword Puzzle

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      Directions: Use the grid below to create a word search. Hint: fill in your spelling words across, down, and diagonally. Then fill in all the spaces with random letters. Be sure to include a key. An easy way to do that is to photocopy the original grid, then circle the spelling words with a …

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    • Developmental Scoring Guide for Story Writing

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      Copied and Random Letters . Code 5. Writer copies recognized letters. May repeat as letter string patterns or create random strings of letters, numbers, and letter-like forms. The writer knows that letters of the alphabet create the message. Score Copied and Random Letters level text as Code 5. Drawing and Letter-like Forms. Code 4

    • Grading Rubric for Writing/Spelling – 1st Grade

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      Writes random words/letters. Writes phrases or incomplete sentences. ... middle & ending sounds of words. Inconsistent. Consistently uses correct beginning, middle & ending sounds to create words throughout text. Most words are conventionally spelled. Follows assignment guidelines.

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    • Letter Knowledge Interventions:

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      Children can create alphabet books and alphabet murals, illustrated letter cards, and picture cards to match to letters using key words. Skill- Letter and Sound Knowledge. Intervention - Forming Letters. Source or adapted from Voyager U Reading Academy. Materials: sand in open box type container. Crayons or markers. paper Instructions for ...

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    • PC\|MAC

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      EIGHT LETTERS: Create as many words as you can using three or more of the letters below (at least one eight-letter word is possible): D N A I R C L A. LESSON THREE. ... (It’s tough to come up with random sentences off the top of your head, so we’ll give you a subject: Giant mutant slugs and the havoc they cause in a small farm town—or any ...

    • Partners Bridging the Digital Divide

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      Oct 07, 2018 · A 15-character password composed only of random letters and numbers is about 33,000 times stronger than an 8-character password composed of characters from the entire keyboard. If you cannot create a password that contains symbols, you need to make it considerably longer to get the same degree of protection.

    • Six Traits Checklist- Personal Expression

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      __ Begins to label drawings with letters Organization __ No organization present __ Writes in a random way on paper __Writes strings of random letters or words __ Writes strings of letters with some sound/symbol relationship that correlate with picture __ Begins to use finger spaces

    • Use the following key terms from chapter 7 to create a ...

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      On the first sheet of graph paper, you need to fill in the vocabulary words randomly and do not fill in the extra boxes (this will be the key). On the second sheet of graph paper, you need to fill in the vocabulary words identical to your key. Then, you will need to continue and add in random letters to create the crossword puzzle.


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      Do not use spaces for multiple term words. Ex: Magna Carta = magnacarta • Create an answer key for the word search. Use the second grid sheet for this. • Surround your terms in your puzzle with random letters, filling the entire grid. • On a separate sheet of paper, write clues in a …