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  • dealership general manager job description

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      SUMMARY JOB DESCRIPTION. Executive reporting to the general manager, and responsible for several departments. Manages the operations of the after-sales, parts and bodywork departments in an efficient and profitable manner. The MAJOR TASKS are listed below, but the incumbent may be assigned to other duties. Administrative tasks

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    • Hunter Auto Group

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      Job Description. Job Title: Service Manager. Department: Reports To: FLSA Status: Prepared By: Prepared Date: Approved By: Approved Date: Revised Date: SUMMARY. Runs an efficient and profitable service department through productive staffing, customer retention, cost controls, achievement of objectives, and maintenance of all service records.

      dealership general manager

    • General Manager Dealership Job Description | Now Hiring

      Job Description and Expectations – General Manager ... Plus develop a sense of “team” in the dealership and across all departments. Set positive tone and energy for each employee and all customers. ... Job Description - Service Manager ...

      automotive general manager description

    • Job Description - Service Manager

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      Dealership General Managers / Dealer Principals, Sales Managers, Health & Safety Officer. KEY TASKS AND PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES. Maximisation of Return on Investment: Ensure that overheads, costs and expenses are minimised by carefully …

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      No officer or employee of the Dealership is authorized to waive, alter or modify the atwill nature of every employee’s employment with the Dealership. Also, nothing contained in the Handbook is intended to restrict management’s right to unilaterally change the policies and procedures described herein.

      dealership manager description

    • Job Description - Service Manager

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      Job Description. Job Title: Porter. Department: Reports To: FLSA Status: Prepared By: Prepared Date: Approved By: Approved Date: Revised Date: SUMMARY. Moves and cleans vehicles, keeps the vehicles in sound working condition, and helps general manager as requested.

    • Healey Brothers - Hudson Valley's Largest Automotive ...

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      Zone Manager in the Marques. Free2Move Lease National Key Account Manager. Efficar Manager. WRITTEN BY: VALIDATED BY: Sales Director Human Resources Department . C IC F Pts (profile) Grade: Evaluated by: Job Reference: PSA CONFIDENTIAL Job Description 2 / 2. JOB DESCRIPTION

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      Job Description and Expectations – (Service Manager) - Continued. Monthly Duties and Responsibilities: Meet with each employee to discuss work performance based upon goals and expectations for preceding month and upcoming month. If needed, set improvement process in place to assist them in achieving agreed upon objectives.

    • Healey Brothers

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      Assign a skilled relationship manager to each key customer . Develop a clear job description for relationship managers. Appoint an overall manager to supervise the relationship managers. Have relationship managers develop long-range goals and annual customer-relationship plans. Lecture—the Death and Rebirth of the Salesperson

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      SUMMARY JOB DESCRIPTION. ... Regularly reports to the dealer/general manager on the exact financial position of the entire dealership. Submits analyses of sales and expenditures. Submits a report on the dealership’s financial position, develops control systems to facilitate efficient business operations, keeps accurate records and implements ...

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