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    • 48- Catholic teaching on Creationism and evolution

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      Proponents of “Creation Science” have been in the news in recent years, struggling to counter the teaching of evolution theory in public schools. Failed attempts: The classic confrontation in the United States between creation science proponents and real scientists occurred in the famous Scopes Trial (the “Monkey” trial), which took ...

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      Theistic evolution is based on the idea that God is a primary cause who used evolution as the secondary cause for the origin of all things. In this belief, God has either been guiding evolution through natural processes or He has endowed a kind of limited self-assembling ability to things within creation.

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    • Chapter 02: Biology, Genetics, and Evolution

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      Creation stories are particular to cultures, and evolution is bound by hypotheses and scientific language. b. Creation stories are cyclical in nature, and evolution is a linear theory. c. Evolution explains how things change, and creation stories do not change. d.

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    • Creation vs Evolution - Part 2

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      Creation vs Evolution - Part 2. The Biblical Age of the Earth-Introduction-In our lesson last week - an introduction to a series of lessons on creation vs evolution - we began by looking at Rev 4:11 & 1 Pet 3:15.-A key element—actually . thee. key element—to evolution is . time.

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    • SERMON: 'Beyond the Evolution-Intelligent Design Debate'

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      SERMON: "Beyond the Evolution-Intelligent Design Debate" Feb. 12, 2006. The Reverend Allen McSween. Fourth Presbyterian, Greenville, SC. PRAYER: Eternal God, our creator, judge, and redeemer, with a word you called the universe into being, and in your Word made flesh, Jesus the Christ, we see the ultimate design behind all creation.

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    • Some Problems for Theistic Evolution

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      Much of our debate between old-earth creation and theistic evolution (and even among the various versions of theistic evolution) revolves around the question of distinguishing providential from miraculous events; and more particularly, of inferring the one or the other for …