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      Commonly Used Statistical Terms 151 components in a scale or instrument being analyzed. Two main forms are exploratory (EFA) and confirmatory fac-tor analysis (CFA). *PT Fisher’s exact test: A nonparametric statistical significance test used in the analysis of contingency tables where sample sizes are small. The test is useful for categori-

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      significance and practical significance. In a large study one may obtain a small P-value even though the magnitude of the effect being tested is too small to be of importance (see the discussion of power below). It is a good idea to support a P-value with a confidence interval for the parameter being tested.

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      Definition: A mathematical technique to measure whether the results of a study are likely to be true. Statistical significanceis calculated as the probability that an effect observed in a research study is occurring because of chance. Statistical significance is usually expressed as a P-value. The smaller the P-value, the less

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      Statistical significance testing has involved more fantasy than fact. (R. Carver) Introduction1 W hat is the fate of a research paper that does not find statistically significant results? According to Gerber, Green and Nickerson (2001: 01), “articles that


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      Nursing Research 101 Differentiating. statistical. significance. andclinical. significance. ByElizabethHeavey,PhD,RN,CNM . T. O IMPLEMENT. evidence-based practice, nurses must be able to comprehend and interpret research. That means you need to understand the distinction between statistical significance and clinical significance.

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      statistical significance •When Fisher was writing Statistical Methods for Research Workers (1925) he applied to Karl Pearson to reproduce a chi-squared table from his Tables for Statisticians and Biometricians –KP refused, probably because he relied on money from the sales of his tables

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      P Values, Statistical Significance & Clinical Significance When looking at the results of a research study, a practitioner has to answer two big questions: 1. Were the results due to chance? 2. Are the results big enough to matter to a patient? P values and Statistical Significance

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      Significance from a Table Objectives: Define statistical inference. Describe the reasoning of tests of significance. Describe the parts of a significance test. State hypotheses. Define P-value and statistical significance. Conduct and interpret a significance test for the mean of a Normal population.

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      5. A p-value, or statistical significance, does not measure the size of an effect or the importance of a result. 6. By itself, a p-value does not provide a good measure of evidence regarding a model or hypothesis. The statement has short paragraphs elaborating on each principle.

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      Practical significance is not the same as statistical significance. Recall, a general problem with traditional statistics is that if you take large enough samples, almost any difference or any correlation will be