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    • DOE Handbook on Leave and Absence - Department of …

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      employees to engage in volunteerism. Copies of their endorsements may be found in DOE’s Handbook on Leave and Absence at Appendix L. The Handbook also contains the Office of Personnel Management’s supplementary guidance on approving leave and absence for volunteer activities. The Handbook can be found at



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      Employees will be required to provide a letter from the college or university that they are attending, or a statement from the New York State Education Department (SED) confirming that they have met all other requirements except the remaining 16 or fewer academic credits needed to achieve certification. Individuals awarded special study

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    • Privacy Issues In Education Staff Records

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      New Hampshire Department of Education Mari Ann Fowler Louisiana Department of Education Edward Glassman Office of the Under Secretary U.S. Department of Education Lee Hoffman National Center for Education Statistics U.S. Department of Education Roger Hummel Pennsylvania Department of Education Jo Ann Keith Colorado Department of Education Steve ...

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    • NYS Payroll Online Agency Coordinator Directory

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      05607 NYS Courts NYC Civil Court Donna Ingalls Barno dingalls@nycourts.gov ... 11010 NYS Education Department State Education Dept Special Nikki Gregory Nikki.Gregory@nysed.gov 11260 NYS Education Department NYS School For The Blind Nikki Gregory Nikki.Gregory@nysed.gov

    • NYC Department of Education Social Media Guidelines

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      NYC Department of Education Social Media Guidelines . A. Introduction/Purpose 1. Social media technology can serve as a powerful tool to enhance communicationeducation, , and learning. This technologycan provide both educational a nd professional benefits, including preparing New York City Department of Education (“DOE”) students to succeed in

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    • New York State Department of Labor - Division of Labor ...

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      New York State Department of Labor - Division of Labor Standards Frequently Asked Questions: Minimum Wage Information for Non-Profitmaking Institutions, Public Agencies, and Children’s Camps 2 etc.), group or division leader, camp mother, supervising counselor, senior counselor, counselor, general counselor,


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      The New York City Department of Education is the largest system of public schools in the United States, serving about 1.1 million students in over 1,700 schools. SchoolFood ... employees to serve in Cook entry level food service titles within school kitchens throughout our 5 boroughs.

    • The SubCentral System - eSchool Solutions

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      The New York City Department of Education launched the SmartFind Express/ SubCentral System in late 2005. This system, referred to as “The SubCentral System”, is an automated process of absence reporting, substitute selection, notification and assignment. School administrators, full time teachers and full time paraprofessionals are

    • The University of the State of New York THE STATE ...

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      THE STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Office of Teaching Initiatives 89 Washington Avenue Albany, New York 12234 ... • NYC DOE employees: The NYC DOE Paraprofessional Milestone Unit submits Superintendent Statements verifying experience on behalf of their employees. If you do not see that a Superintendent Statement is entered in the


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      leaves of absences, so employees on leave must contact the Department of Education Ethics Officer for advice regarding outside activities, including but not limited to outside employment, and owning or operating a business, to determine whether a waiver from the New York City Conflict of Interest Board is …


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      SUBJECT: New York City Department of Education Allergy Policy Statement The NYC Department of Education (DOE) prioritizes the health and well -being of its over 1.1 million public school students. To support their academic success, Office of Food & Nutrition Services provides students

    • Employee Handbook - New York

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      member of the workforce at the Department of Labor, you will play an integral part in achieving our mission – serving the businesses and working people of New York State. This Employee Handbook will help introduce you to the department and its mission. It covers the rights, benefits, responsibilities and duties you have as an employee of the

    • Department of Education Organizational Directory (PDF)

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      Department of Education Organizational Directory United States Department of Education Organizational Directory The following directory will be updated shortly to reflect the recent re-organizational change. The new directory will be posted shortly. Office of Finance and Operations


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      child care programs through post -secondary institutions; collaborate with the NYS Department of Education, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, other state agencies, county health departments, child care councils and non -public school associations on compliance with

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