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    • Application: - Castletown Primary School

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      ENROLMENT PACK (PART A) APPLICATION FOR ENROLMENT (For enrolment in a . Western Australian Public School) The form is to be completed in English. If you need help including translation and interpreting services, please ask the school staff about assistance available through the Statewide Services Resource and Information Centre - English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) …


    • Education Department - Single Sign-On

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      Goodbye Portal, hello Ikon – Ikon for webmail and more. Video transcript “After many years of reliable service, the Department’s Portal is being retired.” My Portal page displays text explaining that the Portal is retiring on 14 August 2020. “Everything you used to go to the Portal to find, is now available on Ikon.

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    • FY 2016 Projects Abstracts of New Awards under the ...

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      WA. Yakima Valley Community College Title V 2015-20 Proposal Equitable Access to Learning (EQUAL) ... Logic Model that was used in the planning and development of Title V Strategies demonstrates high alignment with U.S. Department of Education's HSI Program GPRAs. Specifically, Chabot seeks to increase enrollment, full-time enrollment ...

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    • Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

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      The provider will share a list of eligible families with Washington’s K–12 education department and the department will validate eligibility of a random sample. The data will be shared through a secure access portal and will not be shared elsewhere for any purpose.If you are approved for the K–12 Internet Access Program, internet access ...

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    • Overview - GDHR Portal

      In Western Australia, teachers are required by law to report a belief, formed on reasonable grounds in the course of their work, that a child or young person has been the subject of sexual abuse to the WA Department for Child Protection and Family Support. See the WA Department of Education's

    • Overview - GDHR Portal

      The WA Health Promoting Schools Association advocates and supports a whole school and community approach to health and wellbeing. The Association achieves this through education, coordination and collaboration with school communities and health agencies.

    • Plan Approval Request Report Nov 9 2016

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      Using sections 4 and 5 provide a brief analysis of why this training goal is recommended for the worker. Summarize how worker’s physical and psychological functioning, education, previous employment, interests, demonstrated aptitudes, labor market and participation support the …


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      Extension Term & Number: N/A Authorized Users: All Washington State Agencies, Washington State Institutions of Higher Education, Political Subdivisions and Qualified Non-profit Corporations that are current members of the Washington State Purchasing Cooperative (WSPC) and Oregon’s Department of Administrative Services Cooperative Purchasing ...

    • Section A. Examination Requests (U.S. Department of ...

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      Department of Veterans Affairs Created Date: 05/02/2015 05:59:00 Title: Section A. Examination Requests (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) Subject: Examination Requests Description: Policies and procedures relating to examinations, social surveys and opinions including special types of examinations and surveys Keywords

    • Washington State

      The Department of Retirement Systems (DRS), a department within the primary government of the State of Washington, issues a publicly available comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) that includes financial statements and required supplementary information for each plan. The DRS CAFR may be obtained by writing to: