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    • Department of Education STUDENT LOANS OVERVIEW ...

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      The Direct Loan program, created by the Higher Education Amendments of 1992 as a pilot program and then expanded by the Student Loan Reform Act of 1993, has operated since July1, 1994. Under this program, the Federal Government provides the loan capital while loan

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    • Income-Driven Repayment Plan Request

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      with this form, contact your loan holder or servicer for free assistance. You can find out who your loan holder or servicer is at StudentAid.gov/login. You may have to pay income tax on any loan amount forgiven under an income-driven plan. 1. Select the reason you are submitting this form (Check only one):

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    • Next steps in applying for a TPD discharge

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      federal student loans. TPD discharge means that the remaining balance of your loans would be forgiven and you would not be required to make any further payments. Next steps in applying for a TPD discharge: Make sure all your loan holders are listed here. If not, notify us using the contact information below.

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    • Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program Fact Sheet

      What is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program? Congress created the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) in 2007 to encourage individuals to enter and continue to work full time in public service jobs. Under this program, borrowers may qualify for forgiveness of the remaining balance due on their eligible federal student

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    • Public Service Loan Forgiveness: Questions and Answers for ...

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      Public Service Loan Forgiveness: Questions and Answers for Federal Student Loan Borrowers ... education loan debt. This longer repayment period generally results in a lower monthly payment than the monthly payment amount required under the 10-Year Standard Repayment Plan.

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    • Student Debt Doctor Complaint for Permanent Injunction and ...

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      "Student Debt Doctor," is a Florida limited liability company with . its . ... Background on Student-Loan Forgiveness and Repayment Programs ! 1. ... the Department of Education ("ED") and state government agencies administer a limited number ofstudent-loan forgiveness and discharge programs. Most consumers, however, are not eligible for these ...

    • Student Loan Forgiveness - Illinois State Board of Education

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      100% Federal Perkins Loan Forgiveness: teacher serving low income families special education teacher Including infants, toddlers, children , or youth with disabilities teacher in the fields of: Math, Science, Foreign language or bilingual education or Shortage area Cancelation Increments: 15 percent canceled per year for the first and second years of

    • Tackling student loan debt for servicemembers

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      Tackling student loan debt Protections for both federal and ... Perkins loan forgiveness Borrowers with a Federal Perkins Loan who serve ... For subsidized federal student loans, the Department of Education will pay the interest for you when you use a military deferment.

    • Teacher Loan Forgiveness Application

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      TEACHER LOAN FORGIVENESS APPLICATION . William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program. OMB No. 1845-0059 Form Approved Exp. Date 07/31/2017 . WARNING: Any person who knowingly makes a false statement or misrepresentation on this form or on any

    • U.S. Department of Education Application for Borrower ...

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      TO LOAN REPAYMENT If your school misled you or engaged in other misconduct, you may be eligible for “borrower defense to repayment,” which is the forgiveness of some or all of your federal student loan debt. FORM INSTRUCTIONS: To apply, you must complete, sign, and submit this form to the U.S. Department of Education for review.

    • VHA Handbook 1021.01, Education Debt Reduction Program ...

      EDUCATION DEBT REDUCTION PROGRAM PROCEDURES 1. PURPOSE This Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Handbook provides specific direction and guidance for administration of the Education Debt Reduction Program (EDRP) at VHA field facilities. EDRP enhances recruitment and retention of health professionals that are required to meet VHA staffing. 2.