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    • Arizona Department of Education - Certification Unit

      Education to obtain a records check from the federal, state, county, and/or local law enforcement agencies and Department of Family Services. I have read and understood the rules and statutes related to unprofessional and immoral conduct

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    • Division of Teacher Education and Licensure Virginia ...

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      Board of Education. This testing option does not apply to individuals who are seeking an early/primary preK-3 or elementary education preK-6 endorsement or who hold a technical professional license, vocational evaluator license, pupil personnel services license, school manager license, or division superintendent license. Individuals may not

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    • Foundations for Quality Series .gov

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      and organizations can use to create or enhance a family-friendly consumer education website. If you are responsible for developing and posting content yourself or supporting staf who do, you can directly apply this information to your work. If your website is managed by others, or if you

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    • U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION - National Center for ...

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      Department of Education, the Congress, the states, other education policymakers, practitioners, data users, and the general public. Unless specifically noted all information contained herein is in the public domain. We strive to make our products available in a variety of formats and in language that is appropriate to a variety of audiences.

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      Family Education Loan (FFEL) program, Federal Perkins, National Direct, National Defense and/or Direct Loan program student loan(s) held by the U.S. Department of Education (ED). I understand that compliance with this agreement is a prerequisite to rehabilitation of my loan(s).

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      California Department of Education Education Protection Account Recorded in the State General Fund -2- The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012 provides for a one-quarter cent sales tax increase that expires in four years and an increase in income taxes for wealthier taxpayers that ends in seven years.

    • State Obtaining HS Diploma/Transcripts Obtaining GED ...

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      State-Specific Points of Contact for Prior Education Authorization State Obtaining HS Diploma/Transcripts Obtaining GED Transcripts Dept. of Ed Number Secondary Number (GED) Alabama Superintendent Office Of the County/District Department of Education (334)293-4560 (907) 465-8714


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      A list of approved child abuse education providers can be found on the Department of State Website. Please note that it may take 7-10 days for the provider to submit the records to the Board office. 6. Opioid Continuing Education: Section 9.1(a)(2) of ABC-MAP* requires that all prescribers or dispensers, as defined in Section

    • Michigan Department of Education Memo

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      To expedite the renewal process, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is reminding local district human resource staff and administration to begin the annual review of staff certificate expiration dates. Staff members with a certificate expiration date of …


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      Support Assessment and Education and Technical Office State Library Services Education Adult Education and Teacher Quality Instruction H Division of sl of Division of Division of Division of Data H School I Procurement, Grants Higher and Division of Standards and …

    • Request for Work Permit - Work Experience (CA Dept of ...

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      state of california department of education. statement of intent to employ a minor and request for a work permit–certificate of age . cde form b1-1 (rev. 02-14) a “statement of intent to employ a minor and request for a work permit–certificate of age”

    • Education Directory - North Carolina Public Schools

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      eight education districts of the state. These districts are drawn by the General Assembly. Two high school students also are appointed as advisors to the State Board of Education. A high school junior is appointed each year for a two-year term. The current and prior year’s North Carolina Teachers of the Year serve as advisors.

    • Program: Secondary Education Dept: Educational Sciences ...

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      Secondary Education, M.Ed. The Secondary Education master’s degree is designed for professional educators who seek a broader cultural and professional learning experience than is possible on the undergraduate level.


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      them are held at the Rhode Island Office of Higher Education, some are held by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and some became property of either proprietary schools or private higher education institutions. Please contact Dr.

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