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  • determining which statistical test to use

    • 13 Determining the Sample Size - Columbia University

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      196 Determining the Sample Size manipulate is the sample size. Hence, the usual point of view is that the sample size is the determined function of variability, statistical method, power and difference sought. In practice, however, there is a (usually undesirable) tendency to ‘adjust’ other factors,

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      CHOOSING THE RIGHT ELEMENTARY STATISTICAL TEST The first step in determining what statistical test to use is to determine the type of research question to be answered by the statistical analysis. In elementary courses, the two basic types of questions are: 1. the degree of relationship or dependence among variables (H 0

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    • More practice on choosing which statistical test to use

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      More practice on choosing which statistical test to use: 1. Bogton Council decide to see whether performance-related pay would improve morale amongst their lavatory cleaners. Each month, twenty lavatory cleaners are paid on the basis of the length of the bristles on their lavatory brush (on the assumption that the

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    • Tests of Hypotheses Using Statistics - Williams College

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      mathematical statistics course, stressing the conditions under which one could use each test, the types of hypotheses that can be tested by each test, and the appropriate way to use each test. In order to do so, we must flrst understand how to conduct a statistical signiflcance test (following the

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    • When to Use a Particular Statistical Test

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      When to Use a Particular Statistical Test Univariate Descriptive Central Tendency Mode • the most commonly occurring value ex: 6 people with ages 21, 22, 21, 23, 19, 21 - mode = 21

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    • Choosing Statistical Tests - NKI

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      chi-square test, Fisher’s exact test, and Student’s t test will be able to interpret a large proportion of medical r esearch articles. Criteria are presented for choosing the proper statistical test to be used out of the most frequently applied tests. An algorithm and a table are …

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    • Statistical Testing for Dummies!!!

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      1. Standard t­test – The most basic type of statistical test, for use when you are comparing the means from exactly TWO Groups, such as the Control Group versus the Experimental Group. (ex) Your experiment is studying the effect of a new herbicide on the growth of the invasive grass

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    • How To Run Statistical Tests in Excel

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      How To Run Statistical Tests in Excel Microsoft Excel is your best tool for storing and manipulating data, calculating basic descriptive statistics such as means and standard deviations, and conducting simple mathematical operations on your numbers. It can also run the five basic Statistical Tests.

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    • Chapter 19 Selecting Statistical Tests - CIOS

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      Chapter 19: Selecting Statistical Tests frequency in the column divided by N). When this joint probability is multiplied by the total num-ber of observations, it gives the number of observations that should appear in a cell as the result of random chance. This is the value that would be …

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    • Deciding on appropriate statistical methods for your research

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      WHAT STATISTICAL TEST DO I NEED? Deciding on appropriate statistical methods for your research: What is your research question? Which variables will help you answer your research question and which is the dependent variable? ... distributed, use the independent t-test, if not use the Mann-Whitney test.

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