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    • Development of Web-Based Dictionary for the Technical ...

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      Diversity and Inclusion Dictionary ableism – Negative attitudes and prejudice toward an individual based on physical, mental, or physical and mental disabilities.1 accessibility – Refers to the design of products, devices, services or environments for people with disabilities.

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    • Dictionary of Islamic philosophical terms

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      2. Selection of Terms XVin 3. Mode of Entry XX 4. Abbreviations and Symbols XXIII 5. Cross-References XXV 6. Translation Problems XXV Dictionary of Philosophical Terms: English - German A-Z 1 Index of Philosophical Titles English - German 436 Index of Names to Philosophical Titles 478

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    • Dictionary of Non-Philosophy - CLAS Users

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      conjecture in the following pages, which treat of ten leading Greek philosophical terms. References Hadot, Pierre. What Is Ancient Philosophy? (Michael Chase, trans.). Harvard University Press, 2002. ISBN 0674007336. (Original: Qu'est-ce que la philosophique antique?, 1995) Kingsley, Peter.

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    • Dictionary of Philosophical Terms - GBV

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      sophical terms, such as: • Ted Honderich’s Determinism and Freedom Terminology • Alfred Mele’s Lexicon for the Big Questions in Free Will Project A Actualism Actualism is the idea that the events that do happen are the only pos - sible events that could possibly have happened. Actualism denies the existence of alternative possibilities.

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    • Diversity and Inclusion Dictionary

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      Conceptual definition: based on the theory— similar to a dictionary definition. These are important so that you can compare the results of other studies of the same concept. If the defini-tions of the concept differs from study to study, there is no quantitative way to summarize the data regarding that concept.


    • Free Will: The Scandal in Philosophy Indeterminism

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      dictionary contains approximately 5,000 entries ranging from short definitions to full-length articles. It concisely defines terms, concretely illustrates ideas, and informatively describes philosophers. It is designed to facilitate the understanding of philosophy at all levels and in …


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      Dictionary of Islamic Philosophical Terms powered by FreeFind Introduction: This dictionary is an aid to the readers of Muslim philosophical works many of which are in Arabic. It includes most of the terminology that was developed by Muslim philosophers in their works and the terms that they borrowed -and sometimes translated-

    • Nursing Theory and Philosophy: Terms & Concepts Guide!

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      Philosophical Dictionary,” which the journal Furor (1994) in the person of D. Wilhem has had the amicability to let us reprint—amend and lengthen—from the special numero which the former consecrated to Voltaire’s philosophical Dictionary for the tricentennial of his birth.

    • PHILOSOPHY - Cambridge University Press

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      we need to understand used technical terms in these philosophical texts. This paper present a methods to develop online system to recognize and analyze technical terms of sāṃkhya-yoga philosophy (SYP). Through this research, knowledge content will be available online …

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      GLOSSARY OF PHILOSOPHICAL TERMS z absolutism The view that there are some types of action that are strictly prohibited by morality, no matter what the specific facts are in a particular case. Some have held, for example, that the inten-tional torturing or killing of an innocent person is morally impermissible no matter what bad con-