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    • 45 easy-to-make herbal skincare recipes for the whole ...

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      recipes. It is good at conditioning skin as well as being very stable. This rich yellow to green oil can have a strong aroma so it is often best mixed with other ingredients to make it more pleasant in skincare recipes. In skincare recipes, it is not necessary to use virgin/extra virgin. …

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    • Beeswax Recipes - appalachianbeekeepers

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      2 be used more than once. • Use only 100% beeswax for this project, not paraffin or candle wax. • Never leave melting wax unattended. It can become a fire hazard if overheated. • Beeswax Crafts Recipes Lip balm 2tsp coconut oil 1 tsp beeswax 1 vitamin E capsule

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      HERBAL MATERIA MEDICA fifth edition BY MICHAEL MOORE Outlines of over 500 major botanical medicines, with the preferred forms and methods of their preparations, strengths, solutions, the most common adult dosages environmental status, and potential dangers SOUTHWEST SCHOOL OF BOTANICAL MEDICINE PO Box 4565 Bisbee, AZ 85603

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    • Herb & Spice Blends

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      Herb & Spice Blends All‐Purpose Italian Seasoning Blend Ingredients • 1/2 cup dried oregano • 1/3 cup dried parsley • 1/4 cup onion powder • 1/4 cup garlic powder • 3 tablespoons white granulated sugar • 1 1/2 tablespoons ground black pepper • 2 tablespoons dried pepper • 1 teaspoon celery seed • 1/2 teaspoon marjoram • 1/2 teaspoon thyme

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    • Herbal Remedies: 30 Herbal Recipe Remedies From My …

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      Essential Oil Recipes That Work! (Essential Oil Pet Private Collection Book 1) DIY Herbal Gardening - Learn The Benefits Of Planting The Top 5 Medicinal Plants (Herbal Gardening, DIY Herbal Gardening, Medicinal Plants, Herbal Medicines, Herbal Cure) Natural Remedies for Dogs : 101 Safe & Natural Essential Oils' Remedies for Your DOG: (Natural ...

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    • Making Herbal Baths Salts

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      Making Herbal Bath Salts – A Crash Course P a g e | 4 8 Popular Bath Salt Recipes In some recipes we list the ingredients in parts. Use any convenient measure such as a teaspoon, cup, spade or wheelbarrow. Follow the procedure above for all the recipes. Basic Bath Salts Recipe 1 3 parts Epsom salt 3 parts table salt Fragrance, herbs and dye

    • Natural Body Care Recipes

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      simple, basic recipes made with ingredients we can pronounce are the best. I hope you enjoy these recipes. I welcome you to get creative, experiment, and have fun! Making your own lotion is easier than you think. This natural lotion is an emulsion, a rich blend of oils, waters and an emulsifier that are highly nourishing to the skin.

    • Natural Herbal Home Remedies Page 2 of 82 - Amazon S3

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      Natural Herbal Home Remedies Page 5 of 82 When some part of the body becomes unbalanced, herbs can be used to help restore balance again. Usually, herbal remedies are milder than traditional medicines and have fewer side effects, and most are very safe if used as directed. The body can build up a

    • Powdered Extracts (dried teas) - Foundations of Herbalism

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      Powdered Extracts (dried teas) Alcohol and water (tincturing) remove the more stimulating properties of herbs (resins, etc.). These are most effective for moving and directing the energy of the body (specifics, stimulants). They are best when taken in 10-day cycles with a 3-day break between to relieve symptoms, reduce pathogenic heat, and

    • Real Food Recipes, Beauty DIY and Natural Living Ideas ...

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      Real Food Recipes, Beauty DIY and Natural Living Ideas from WellnessMama.com. ... One of my favorite ways to consume coconut oil daily is in a cup of hot coffee or tea each morning. The trick is to blend the mixture enough for the oil to emulsify, which ... herbal coffee or chai tea • …

    • Shea Butter Recipes

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      Shea Butter Recipes E-book ** Thank you so much for purchasing our Shea Butter! ** Shea Butter, also known as “women’s gold”, is a valuable source of income that helps women in poor communities earn a decent living, so every pound we sell, directly assists those families in Ghana that processed this miraculous product.

    • Tincture un-refined poppy exudate from the unripened …

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      un-refined poppy exudate from the unripened seed pods. As to what kind of poppies you use, well that's up to you. ... A herbal glycerite (a.k.a. glycerate) is a tincture that uses sweet vegetable ... dozens of poppy seed tea recipes. A quick and efficient method is to use a stovetop espresso maker. This results in a fairly concentrated beverage

    • Your Reboot Jump into Juicing What’s a Reboot? 5-Day Juice ...

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      Bedtime: Drink herbal tea (with pure stevia for sweetness if desired) Throughout the day: Drink lots of water Daily Menu We always say, “Eat a rainbow every day.” Well, here’s your chance to drink a rainbow! Follow the schedule below; selecting the orange, green, red and purple juices you want to drink. If …

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      Herbal Tea blends Herbal spice blends Hot chocolate mixes Tooth powder Herbal hair rinse or hair tonic DIY Gifts that you can make in 30 minutes of Hands On time (Doesn’t include waiting time) Lotion Bars Salves or balms Ointments Lip Balms Lip Stick Mineral Makeup Herbal elixirs