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  • do i qualify for financial aid

    • FINANCIAL AID 2019-2020

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      AB540 students who do not meet the eligibility requirements for federal financial aid may qualify for state and university aid under the California Dream Act. Undocumented students who qualify are …

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      Financial Aid is awarded to those who qualify. Financial Aid Information can also be found on the institution’s website: www.bennettcareerinstitute.org. The U.S. Department of Education has various websites available to students and financial aid …


    • Federal Student Aid

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      We get a lot of information about undocumented students and DACA students. Unfortunately at this time, DACA students and - DACA students/undocumented students do not qualify for federal financial aid. However, they may qualify for state aid …

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    • In order to be considered for financial aid, the players ...

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      Financial aid awards DO NOT cover 100% of fees, but rather a 25% or 50% deduction will be provided based on eligibility. It is the responsibility of each family receiving financial aid to reciprocate through …

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    • The FAFSA - Step One for Financial Aid

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      You should submit a FAFSA every year you need aid - even if you think you don't qualify for financial aid. Your eligibility can change from year to year, especially if there are changes in your family's circumstances. Also, being rejected for federal aid …

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    • When should I begin the Financial Aid Process

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      I know I don’t qualify for need-based financial aid. Do I still need a FAFSA? Yes. Even if your family’s income is too high for you to receive grants and other need-based aid, the FAFSA is a requirement for …