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  • documenting decline in hospice patients


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      1. Patients currently undergoing treatment for cancer; 2. Patients enrolled in hospice or receiving palliative care; 3. Patients who are residents in a licensed long-term care facility; 4. Patients receiving buprenorphine for the treatment of substance abuse; 5. The 7 …

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    • A Toolkit for Developing Palliative Care Programs in the

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      Because hospice patients’ functional statuses change rapidly, a rapid response is necessary by clinicians. Some special activities can be developed and overseen by such staff. For example, our occupational therapist has a “video legacy” program in which tapes (video or audio) of hospice patients are made and given or mailed to family members.

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    • LCD for Hospice - Determining Terminal Status (L25678)

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      On the other hand, patients in the terminal stage of their illness who originally qualify for the Medicare hospice benefit but stabilize or improve while receiving hospice care, yet have a reasonable expectation of continued decline for a life expectancy of less than six months, remain eligible for hospice care.

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    • RWB Report (11.2001 draft)

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      Documenting to whom authority should be delegated. ... Additional staff will be called in to assist in managing the needs of hospice patients if necessary. Nursing staff will be directed to assess the conditions of patients. ... volunteers will be provided with information regarding volunteer opportunities and given the option to accept or ...

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    • RWB Report (11.2001 draft)

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      Documenting to whom authority should be delegated. ... hospice personnel have been trained in psychological first aid or other psychosocial interventions to ensure the hospice can provide support to patients needing such care. ... and be given the opportunity to accept or decline service as a volunteer.

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      Hospice is a specific type of palliative care provided to individuals with a life expectancy measured in months, not years. To be eligible to receive hospice under the Medicare or Medicaid hospice benefit, adult patients must have a defined, time-limited prognosis (certified by two physicians as six months or less if the disease follows its usual course) and desire care focused on comfort ...