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    • 1H 2018: MARKET REVIEW

      5 Dow Jones Index – YTD as of June 30, 2018 21,000 23,000 25,000 27,000 Dec. 2017 Jan. 2018 Feb. 2018 Mar. 2018 Apr. 2018 May 2018 Jun. 2018 24,271

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    • BlackRock Extended Market K - T. Rowe Price

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      BlackRock Extended Market K ... selection of investments shall be the Dow Jones U.S. Completion Total Stock Market Index (the “Underlying Index”). BTC uses a "passive" or indexing approach to try to ... YTD YTD YTD YTD YTD YTD -30 Total Return % as of 06-30-19 Investment Benchmark Average annual, if greater than 1 year


    • Category Kings in 10 Realms

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      Top-performing funds in each category, ranked by year-to-date total returns (changes in net asset values with reinvested distributions) as of April 30; assets are as of March 29. All data are preliminary. Large-Cap Core. Assets Total return (%) ($ millions) April YTD 1-yr 5-yr* Volshares Large Cap. 0.7 5.4 31.3 21.5 N.A. EntrepreneurSh:ERS Etp30


    • Dow Jones Sukuk Index Fact Sheet

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      Dow Jones Sukuk Index Fact Sheet FACT-ISL-291-011513 All data as of December 31, 2012. PERFORMANCE DISCLOSURE The Dow Jones Sukuk Index (the “Index”) was first calculated on April 2006, at the market close.

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    • Dow Jones Utilities U.S. Markets Close Net 1 Day % YTD ...

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      return and guaranteed principal value. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is an unmanaged index of 30 widely held securities. The Dow Jones Transportation Average is the most widely recognized gauge of the American transportation sector. The Dow Jones Utility Average keeps track of the performance of 15 prominent utility companies.

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    • Inflation Sensitive Strategy

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      45% Barclays U.S. TIPS Index/20% Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index Total Return/15% JPMorgan Emerging Local Markets Plus (ELMI+)/10% Dow Jones US Select REIT Total Return Index/ 10% Dow Jones - UBS Gold Subindex. Performance Investment option performance is determined after fees are charged to the investment option and assumes reinvestment

    • Real Asset Return Fund - Voya Financial

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      Real Asset Return Fund ... 2014, a blended benchmark of Dow Jones U.S. Select REIT Index; Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index; Barclays Capital ... YTD YTD YTD YTD YTD -15 Total Return% as of 06-30-19 Investment Benchmark 1 Benchmark 2 Average annual, if greater than 1 year.


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      ProShares based on the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index are not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC, Dow Jones, S&P or their respective affiliates, and they make no representation regarding the advisability of investing in ProShares. THESE ENTITIES AND THEIR AFFILIATES MAKE NO WARRANTIES AND BEAR NO LIABILITY WITH


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      EURO STOXX Total Market Growth Large Index EURO STOXX Index Supersector weighting (top 10) Country weighting Risk and return figures1 Index returns Return (%) Annualized return (%) Last month YTD 1Y 3Y 5Y Last month YTD 1Y 3Y 5Y 0.2 0.1 25.7 17.0 5.7-1.1 29.4 25.6 50.8 34.7 N/A N/A N/A N/A 5.8-1.1 9.1 8.0 8.7 6.2 EURO STOXX Total Market Growth ...

    • Total Return Performance

      Summit Strategies Group Disclosures Disclaimer: Although Summit Strategies Group (Summit) believes the modeling contained in this document to be reliable, the modeling of complex financial transactions has inherent limitations.Summit does not guarantee the results to be obtained by the use of this model. This model is developed by Summit based on information obtained from sources which Summit ...


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      past performance may not be indicative of future results. it is not possible to invest directly in an index. the s&p 500 is an unmanaged index of 500 widely held stocks. the dow jones industrial averge (djia) is a price-weighted average of 30 significant stocks traded on the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq.