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      Mar 01, 2005 · The current drill sergeant hat evolved from the 1883 campaign hat to the present day modified Montana Peak, which was adopted for wear by the army in 1911 and abandoned in 1942. In 1964 the hat was reintroduced to become a proud symbol of the drill sergeant. The female drill sergeant hat came into being in 1972. It was designed by BG Mildred C ...

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      Instructions are for a Left, FACE. Turn the other direction for a Right, FACE. b. About, FACE: (1) On the command of execution . FACE, move the toe of the right foot to a point touching the marching surface about half the length of the foot to the rear and slightly to the left of the left heel.

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      The command sergeant major (or his direct . representative) positions himself/herself six steps in front of and centered on the . formation. He/she then commands Sling ARMS. The Color guards immediately . adjust their slings and assume sling ARMS. The command sergeant major . commands POST. The Color guards face to the half left (right) in ...

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      Drill Sergeant Leaders will collect and close out all old . observation reports every Thursday evening by initialing the tracker in the lower left hand corner. Observation reports that are in the possession of a . Candidate and not initiated by a Drill Sergeant Leader’s initials will result in 10 demerits.

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      Aug 18, 2014 · Execute half left FACE and half right FACE. Name, explain, and demonstrate the hand salutes in the following situations: Headgear with a visor. Arms parallel to the ground, Fingers extended and joined ... The Supply Sergeant will be assigned an element to drill by the SAI or AI. Additional cadets may be added to any formation at the discretion ...

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      During all drill and ceremonies, the platoon sergeant carries his rifle at sling arms. ... he faces to the right in marching (on the command of execution FACE) and marches in the most direct route to his post, halts centered on the platoon, and faces to the left. ... execute a column half right (left) rather than a 90-degree column. movement ...

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      unit is faced, they face to the right in marching and assume. their posts to the rear of the last platoon. When the company is. formed in mass, they face to the right in marching and assume. their posts at the center of the company immediately after. halting with the last platoon (Figure 7-4). The off-center

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