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      DSM-5™ Clinical Cases . Barbara L. Milrod, M.D. Adapted. Nadine . was a 15-year-old girl whose mother brought her for a psychiatric evaluation to help her with long standing shyness. Although Nadine was initially reluctant to say much about herself, she said she felt constantly tense. She was generally unable to speak in any situation outside ...

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      Jan 29, 2014 · CLINICAL CASES FOR IN DSM-5 WORKSHOP. Case #1: The Case of Joan Joan is a 26 year old openly gay woman who recently moved to your area to take a job in the publishing business. She comes to your clinic saying she needs medication because she feels "unstable." The history she describes seems to begin about four years ago when she was in college ...

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      2. American Psychiatric Association (2013) DSM-5 Clinical Cases. APA. 3. Additional weekly readings (to be provided; 10 total). DESCRIPTION. This course will cover the definitions and classification of abnormal behavior, including coverage …

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      Whereas these concerns were previously listed on Axis IV of DSM-IV, they are now denoted in the single-axis system, are mostly listed under “Other conditions that may be a focus of clinical attention” discussed earlier, and are correlated to V codes in DSM-5 (which matches ICD-9) or Z codes (which matches ICD-10 ) (e.g., Z59.0 Homelessness ...

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      e. DSM- 5 and Mental Disorders Specialty Examinations. Effective August 4, 2014, 38 CFR 4.125 was amended to reflect that a diagnosis of a mental disorder must conform to the standards set in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). Before that date, the regulation required diagnoses to conform to the ...

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      Case 1 DSM-5™ Clinical Cases. by Michael Gitlin, M.D. Adapted . Nancy Ingram, a 33-year old stock analyst and married mother of two children, was brought to the emergency room (ER) after 10 days of what her husband described as “another cycle of dark days.”

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      Classification and diagnosis is the heart of what most clinical psychologists do. ... and in some cases, secondary gain. Formal diagnostic criteria dates back to 1952 when the first DSM was published. While the fourth edition of the DSM has come a long way, critics debate the rigidity and overemphasis on criteria. With the release the DSM-5 in ...

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