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      Termination Early Retirement Normal Retirement Did you separate from service during or after the year you attained Age 55? Yes No In-service Withdrawal of available funds other than hardship. Permanent/Total Disability as of_____(date). Termination Date: _____ ... CASH DISTRIBUTION FORM.

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    • Distributions and Withdrawals - VALIC

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      Distributions and Withdrawals Q. Can I withdraw from my workplace retirement savings account when I need to? A. Yes. The law says that money may be taken out of your account (that is to say, the money may be distributed) when

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    • Early retirement - Voya Financial Login

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      retirement plan funds yet in your early retirement years. The bottom line is that you ll have to save even more to support an early retirement than you would if you retire at a more traditional age. The burden is on you When you retire early, you ll most likely need to …

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    • North Dakota Public Employees Retirement System

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      Early Retirement Benefit Example Disclaimer: This example may not be interpreted as a personal calculation Assumptions: Member is Age 60 with a Spouse Age 56 Retirement Benefit Formula: $2,351 (FAS) x 2.00% x 24 Years = $1,128.48 (Early Retirement Reduction 6.0%) - 67.71 (Early Single Life Monthly Benefit) $1,060.77

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    • Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System

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      The annuity at retirement is based on the retiree’s account balance The employee chooses investments and bears the risk of investment losses Contributions are available for withdrawals or loans; may be subject to early withdrawal penalties


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      withdrawal of contributions and interest. If you are not eligible for normal retirement, this amount is multiplied by a reducing factor to calculate your early retirement benefit. Your PSERS plan offers options other than the MSLA with no withdrawal of contributions …