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    • Race to the Top: Application for Phase 2 Funding -- April ...

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      If “No” is checked, ED generally will authorize grantees to use a temporary rate of 10 percent of budgeted salaries and wages subject to the following limitations: (a) The grantee must submit an indirect cost proposal to its cognizant agency within 90 days after ED issues a grant award notification; and

    • Collection #1: Churchill, J

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      Salary and Wage Adjustments (Retrenchment Program) 1943-1944. Salary Study – S. O. N. S. Graduates Placed for 1938-1939. Collection #2: Redford, Walter 1932-1945. Box 18 of 23 (continued) Sammons, E. C. – Vice President, Iron Fireman Manufacturing. Company Sapp, Wallace – Faculty, Music Department 1945-1947


    • FY 2011 Project Abstracts under the Title III Part A ...

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      Title III Part A Strengthening Institutions Program. FY 2011 Project Abstracts. P031A110193 - Central Alabama Community College, Alabama. Central Alabama Community College (CACC) is a rural, comprehensive, public two-year college serving eight counties in central Alabama south of Jacksonville, Alabama.

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      Subtotal Info Tech. Assistant Budget Officer. Finance Secretary. Subtotal Budget & Finance. Accountants (4) Internal Auditor (5) % Indirect. Annual Salary. Indirect Salary. Total Salaries & Wages. Finance Manager. General Manager. Accounting Clerk (6) Bookkeeper (5) HR Manager. IT Manager. Summary Schedule. Schedule D (Schedule E) 4Schedule of ...


    • Maine

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      (3)Verify every six months, through the Maine Certification Information System, the credentials of every individual serving in a position that requires a credential. (4)Provide support for teachers with conditional certificates in accordance with Me. Dept. of Ed. Reg.180 Section 11.

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    • Health Care Occupations Report Outline

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      Growing rapidly. Healthcare sector employment has grown faster than all other sectors in recent years. Since 2000, healthcare employment had an average annual growth rate of 2.3 percent per year versus 0.2 percent for all wage and salary jobs statewide. Figure 9. Labor intensive.

    • Florida Board of Governors

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      III. Medical School Timeline 30 ... Richard Cooper, Executive Director, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, using a new set of planning assumptions has predicted an impending shortage of physicians, including specialists.” ... 22.00 0.00 22.00 USPS 0.00 9.00 0.00 9.00 0.00 34.00 0.00 34.00 Total 0.00 45.00 0.00 45.00 0.00 145.00 17.00 ...

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