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      EducationCity produces fun, educational materials to engage students in learning and empower teachers to tailor their teaching. Take a look at how EducationCity can support you in the classroom: About EducationCity "Teachers have been delighted with the content of this package and most impressed with how easy it is to find


    • CASE STUDY EducationCity - UK federation

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      EducationCity.com August 2009 EducationCity.com1 is a modular multimedia online learning resource used by over 11,000 schools and 10,000 home subscribers. Subjects covered include maths, literacy, science and foreign languages. Across the UK and North America, over 1 million pupils use it to access over 2 million educational activities a week.


    • Flexible teaching and learning tools for teachers and ...

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      Trusted and used by over 40,000 teachers, EducationCity provides time-saving teacher tools and over 10,000 educational resources for 3-11 year olds in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Computing, English as a second language, and European Modern Languages (UK …


    • Between Education and Obesity Exploring the Relationship

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      This document and any map included herein are without prejudice to the status of or sovereignty over any territory, to the delimitation of international frontiers and boundaries and to

    • What is the General Data Protection ...

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      EducationCity will not share data with third parties unless explicit instruction is given by the school in question, for example, to integrate with a VLE provider, and we will never sell user information or data collected from our website. Where is my data stored? EducationCity stores data on our secure database servers, located in the UK.



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      A FREE RESOURCE PACK FROM EDUCATIONCITY Hour of Code Free school resources by EducationCity®.This may be reproduced for class use. Topical Teaching

    • EducationCity SHOWCASE - Bradford

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      EducationCity SHOWCASE We’ll be at The Innovation Centre Bradford on Tuesday 10th November 2015 to showcase EducationCity’s time-saving teacher features and engaging, educational content for students aged 3-12 years. Come and see us to find out more about how you can use EducationCity in your classroom! How Can EducationCity ou time HELP YOU?

    • CAmbridgeshire & Peterborough Education Directorate

      Ryan.howsham@cambridgeshire.gov.uk Purpose This document serves to act as a directory capturing the full extent of the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Education Directorate and the various Services and teams that make it up, correct as of 10th October 2018.

    • Cloud Software Services for Schools

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      assist in understanding if the service being provided by EducationCity is likely to comply with UK law in relation to data confidentiality EducationCity Ltd has responded as follows: Information and Guidance on Cloud Services Page 10 of 30 Question Supplier Response Code

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