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    • A Concise History of Immunology - Columbia University

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      Edward Jenner and the development of the first safe vaccine for smallpox. Although Jenner is rightly celebrated for his development of cowpox as a safe vaccine for smallpox, he was not the first to make use of a relatively non-pathogenic virus to induce immunity. In 1774, Benjamin Jesty, a farmer, inoculated his wife with the vaccinia virus ...

    • Edward Jenner

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      I used the facts Edward Jenner gave as to how far his smallpox vaccine spread as well as multiple examples of his vaccine working and saving peoples' lives. This source is very reliable, It is written by Edward Jenner himself soon after he created the vaccine.

    • Immunization

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      Letter from Lady Montague , 1717 Journal Entries of Edward Jenner, 1796 Note: Smallpox is a very contagious virus that causes swollen sores or “pox” on the skin. During the 1700’s, when this letter was written many died of smallpox particularly children Background: Edward Jenner was an English Physician who worked in small farming ...

    • In the year 1798, Edward Jenner first demonstrated that ...

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      In the year 1798, Edward Jenner first demonstrated that vaccination offered protection against smallpox. He used cowpox (poxvirus bovis) for the immunization of man against the smallpox virus (poxvirus varialae). For the last 200 years, the use of vaccines has continued to reduce the burden of many bacterial and viral diseases.

    • Loudoun County Public Schools / Overview

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      Edward Jenner (1796) developed smallpox vaccine using milder cowpox viruses – the first ever vaccine. 1900 Walter Reed showed that an agent so small it could pass through a filter, which trapped bacteria, caused the human disease yellow fever.

    • VACCINES - Sutherlin Veterinary Hospital

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      The word vaccine comes from the discovery of an English country doctor, Dr. Edward Jenner. Dr. Jenner discovered that people given a preparation or vaccine of material from the common cattle disease, cowpox or vaccinia, developed only a mild skin infection, but when those vaccinated individuals were exposed to the deadly smallpox virus (a virus ...

    • www.lee.k12.nc.us

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      Smallpox was a very serious disease which caused huge spots filled with pus to appear all over the body. In the 18th century nearly everyone caught the disease and 25% of victims died. Those who lived had terrible scars left by the spots, especially on their faces. As a young man, Edward Jenner (1749–1823) was given smallpox on purpose.

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