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      It doesn’t give clear guidance on how to act. For example, consider ethical dilemmas like whether the USA should have dropped the nuclear bomb on Japan in WW2. If it helped the war end faster, does that justify killing civilians? ... Hume claimed this was a fallacy as …

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      In another form, this fallacy occurs whenever it is reasoned (as in the second example above) that something is right simply because many people believe that it is right. What lies behind this fallacy is Cultural Relativism: the theory that the right thing to do is to follow the crowd.

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      Our ethical judgments cannot be just a matter of personal preference. We know, for instance, that moral judgments are flawed if they are based on misinformation, short-sightedness, bias, or lack of understanding. Our ethical views can be changed by argument and reason.

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      Choose one fallacy type that we have NOT already done in class. Pick one example from that type. The work you present orally to the class on 10/8 will: give YOUR OWN definition of that fallacy, give the Texas State example you have chosen, and give YOUR OWN argument showing how we know the Texas State example is indeed an example of that fallacy.

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      fallacy is this?: A man went on the news and accused President Obama of being anti-Semitic (racist against Jews) because Obama has associated with an anti-Semitic person before. What “bad” or unrelated evidence in this argument creates a fallacy?

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    • [DOCX File]The Naturalistic Fallacy: What It Is, and What It Isn’t

      4. What the naturalistic fallacy is. Some commentators have claimed that Moore gives several distinct and incompatible accounts of the naturalistic fallacy. Baldwin, for example, says that Moore gave at least three different accounts of the nature of the naturalistic fallacy. See Baldwin (1990: 70).

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