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  • exercising and mental health

    • Advance Directives - Michigan

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      A mental health professional can refuse to honor your wishes concerning a specific mental health treatment, location or professional, if there is a psychiatric emergency endangering your life or the life of another person, or the treatment you seek is unavailable, …

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    • Counseling Strategies and Techniques

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      II.K.1.h, 2.f, 5.g G. Demonstrate an understanding of counseling methods and principles of service delivery for clients in community mental health settings based on human development, which are support through numerous prevention and intervention modalities. II.K3.d, 5.a,b C.2 Skills. Students will: CACREP CACREP. Core Comm

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    • Intake Interview Questions and Guide

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      2. Mental and Physical Health History. Mental Health History. What is your prior mental health history? Any prior treatment? For what? When? Where? Previous diagnosis? Prior hospitalizations? When? Where? What was the outcome of prior treatment? Was it helpful to you? Why? Why not? Any current or prior thoughts of hurting your self? If yes ...

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    • Mental Health

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      It's important to remember that even people who have good emotional health can sometimes have emotional problems or mental illness. Mental illness often has a physical cause, such as a chemical imbalance in the brain. Stress and problems with family, work or school can sometimes trigger mental illness or make it worse.

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    • Mental Health-Illness Indicators Tip Sheet

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      MENTAL HEALTH - How a person thinks, feels, and acts when faced with life's situations. Mental health is how people look at themselves, their lives, and the other people in their lives; evaluate their challenges and problems; and explore choices. This includes handling stress, relating to …

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    • Risk and Protective Factors: An Overview

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      Mental health interventions can be effectively provided for children and adolescents by physicians, nurses, and other health professionals who have limited specific training in mental health. The basis for these interventions is . knowledge of stress/risk and protective factors. for children and adolescents.

    • Safety Plan Treatment Manual to ... - Mental Health Home

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      Examples: Primary mental health clinician, other mental health clinician, 24-hour local urgent care services facility or emergency department, and the VA Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-TALK (8255). Please note that the VA Suicide Prevention Hotline is staffed by trained mental health clinicians who are well versed in veterans’ concerns.

    • South Carolina State Laws and Involuntary Treatment for ...

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      The mental health staff talk with the person to hear the specific, observable facts which need to be supplied to the Court. The completed petition is notarized and sent to the Court for review and action. The petition is filed and a copy is served on the identified person and his/her attorney or family.

    • Wellness Program Announcement Letter

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      Good health is a resource that helps us all meet our goals. I strongly believe that the everyday choices we make can help us live healthier and happier lives, both at work and at home. Therefore, beginning ____[date]____, ____[your company name]____ will offer a new wellness program that will help all of us increase our knowledge about health ...