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    • 10 Critical Facts about Summer Reading - Scholastic

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      7 The Kids and Family Reading Report™ conducted by Yankelovich and Scholastic, 2010 8 Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, Evans, M. D. R., et al. Family scholarly culture and educational success: Books and schooling in 27 nations, 2010 10 Critical Facts about Summer Reading

    • Early Literacy: Leading the Way to Success

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      Early Literacy: Leading the Way to Success is based on the Panel’s research findings. The Institute, a federal agency, provides leadership on literacy issues, including the improvement of reading instruction for children, youth and adults. Its mission is to make evidence-based reading re-search available to educators, parents, policymakers

    • Facts About Kids and Reading

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      “Reading a lot” is one of the most powerful methods of increasing fluency, vocabulary, [and] comprehension. (Scholastic: Classroom Libraries Work!) Children learn an average of 4,000 to 12,000 new words each year as a result of book read-ing. (Scholastic: Classroom Libraries Work!) Independent reading is a major source of reading fluency.

    • Independent Reading and School Achievement

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      reading, and 23 percent of them chose not to read at all. Anderson, Fielding, and Wilson (1988) ... success in school and the amount of independent reading they do (Greaney 1980; Anderson, Fielding and Wilson 1988). This affirms the predictability of a success cycle: we become more


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      • Students who lose reading ability over the summer rarely catch up. • Over time, the summer learning slide can add up to the equivalent of three years of reading loss by the end of fifth grade.vi • A lack of academic achievement is a key reason for students to drop out of high school.

    • Predictors of Postsecondary Success - College and Career ...

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      2 Predictors of Postsecondary Success most likely a significant contributing cause. For this reason, we instead searched for studies across all grade levels that identify factors that predict future, more proximal academic success (e.g., kindergarten readiness correlated with third-grade reading

    • The Importance of Teaching Academic Reading Skills in ...

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      The Importance of Teaching Academic Reading Skills in First-Year University Courses Julian Hermida Algoma University, Canada Abstract In the past decades researchers discovered a mutual relationship between a student’s academic reading skills and academic success. Students as well as teachers, however, take the learning of this skill for granted.

    • The impact of Pleasure Reading on Academic Success

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      reading and academic success but felt limited by state curriculums and mandated tests. Keywords: academic achievement, academic performance, independent reading, pleasure reading The Impact of Pleasure Reading on Academic Success A foundation in reading and writing has been the basis of our educational system since its