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      Examples of Fallacies in Argumentation List #1 Practice. Fill in the blank the fallacy that is best being shown by the example statement. Once you are certain that all are correct, compose your own example of the fallacy. A._____"If we legalize marijuana, then more people will try heroin."

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      3. Straw Man Argument (Fallacy Of Extension/Caricature Fallacy) DEF: Taking a weakness in the opponent’s argument and blowing it out of proportion, then characterizing this “caricature” as their real position . E.G. Adam: Betty, Dudley is in favor of contraceptive use, so he must think that man has the

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      A penguin, of course, is one of many examples of birds that cannot (or could not) fly. Fallacy: Bandwagon . Also Known as: Peer Pressure. Description of Bandwagon. The Bandwagon is a fallacy in which a threat of rejection by one's peers (or peer pressure) is substituted for evidence in an "argument." This line of "reasoning" has the following form:

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      Directions: Match each example with the correct logical fallacy from the box below. Read carefully! Even though it’s only the first day, I can tell this is going to be a boring class. The public should not support Dr. Mason’s plan for improving county health services. He is a …

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      Below are some examples of logical fallacies. Dumbing it Down – Fallacies of oversimplification. Hasty generalization . is offering weak or inadequate evidence to support a conclusion. Playing sports makes people more aggressive. Look at all those fights at hockey and basketball games! ... Post hoc fallacy . is assuming that because one event ...

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      Fallacy: A flawed logical strategy, used to mislead the audience or opponent. FALLACIES OF RELEVANCE: Appeals to irrelevant evidence. Appeal to Force (Argumentum Ad Baculum or the "Might-Makes-Right" Fallacy): This argument uses force, the threat of force, or some other unpleasant backlash to make the audience accept a conclusion. Genetic Fallacy

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      Author: Sue Laneri Created Date: 12/14/2011 13:38:00 Title: Fallacies from “Love is a Fallacy” (and additional fallacy handout) Last modified by

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      The excerpt contains several examples of the fallacy of begging the question. The first sentence asserts what appears to be a proposition about the relationship between the literature richness of a child's environment (independent variable) and the extent to which literacy learning becomes a natural and meaningful part of everyday life ...

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      Existential fallacy: an argument has two universal premises and a particular conclusion, but the premises do not establish the truth of the conclusion. Proof by example: where examples are offered as inductive proof for a universal proposition. ("This apple is red, therefore …

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      Man is the highest being on the evolutionary ladder, according to biology. That’s why women are inferior because they are not men. We know that the delicate membranes of the stomach are like the delicate membranes of the eye, and if you want to see what alcohol does to …

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