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      Inventions case study. Inventors case study. If you would like any further information or support in planning your visit then get in touch with the learning team on 0191 277 2181 or email learning@discoverymuseum.org.uk. Tyneside Inventions. Can you find this object in the Tyneside Challenge gallery on the first floor?

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    • Inventors and Inventions

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      Lesson Synopsis: In this lesson, students learn about the life and contributions of Thomas Alva Edison, one of the most prolific and famous inventors of the modern era. His curiosity, perseverance, commitment, and the impact and importance of his inventions are highlighted in …


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      What was his most famous invention? The telephone. ... Students read their scenario and discuss with their group. Groups answer the questions on the cards. ... (continued) – 5 minutes Remind students what they have learned about two inventors whose inventions greatly impacted the world: Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. Ask and discuss ...

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    • Inventors and Inventions Research Project

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      Inventors and Inventions Brochure. You will be choosing an inventor and gathering information about their life and their work. You should include a short biography of the inventor’s life and describe what they have invented.

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    • Тема: Inventions and Inventors

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      (students receive portraits of famous inventors and envelop with the task) You are given an envelop with the portraits of great scientists. You are to make a short dialogue to tell us about these inventors and their inventions. Group 2

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