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  • federal tax refund offset program

    • Alabama Department of Revenue

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      Alabama Department of Revenue News Release Nov. 7, 2002 ADOR Participates in the Federal Refund Offset Program for the 2003 Filing Season Montgomery, Nov. 7, 2002—During October and November, the Alabama Department of Revenue kicked off a major compliance effort, aimed at reducing its delinquent tax …


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      FEDERAL TAX REFUND OFFSET PROGRAM The Federal Tax Refund Offset Program collects past-due child support payments from the tax refunds of parents who have been ordered to pay child support. The program is a cooperative effort between the Federal Office of …

    • Federal Offset Program - Home | Administration for ...

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      Section 1, “Federal Offset Program,” provides background information regarding the FOP, including an overview of the relevant laws and regulations. The objective of this section is to assist IV-D agencies in understanding the FOP, by providing a detailed overview of the: • Federal Tax Refund Offset Program • Administrative Offset Program

    • Federal Tax Refund Offset, Administrative Offset, and ...

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      Federal Tax Refund Offset and Federal Tax Information . Question 9: Under a state-tribal cooperative agreement for federal tax refund offset, may a tribe have access to federal tax information? Answer 9: Current IRS statute does not allow disclosure of federal tax information to a tribal IV-D program.

    • Human Resources Chapter 660 ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF …

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      ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT DIVISION ADMINISTRATIVE CODE CHAPTER 660-3-6 STATE AND FEDERAL INTERCEPT PROGRAMS TABLE OF CONTENTS 660-3-6-.01 General Intercept Information 660-3-6-.02 Federal Offset Program 660-3-6-.03 State Offset Program 660-3-6-.04 Unemployment Compensation Intercept Program

    • Refund Offset and Injured Spouse - Internal Revenue Service

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      Refund Offset and Injured Spouse. What is a refund offset? All or part of a tax refund overpayment applied (offset) to a past-due, legally enforceable debt: – Federal tax debts – Other Federal and state-related debts. Types of Refund Offsets. Federal Tax Debt – Business Tax Account


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      regarding the Tax Refund Offset Program. If the support payer files a joint federal tax return, federal law requires the FOC to hold the tax refund offset money for six months before it can send the money to the payee. This time period gives the payer’s spouse the opportunity to file the injured spouse claim mentioned above.


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      When your federal income tax refund is intercepted to offset a debt, the Bureau of Fiscal Services (BFS), will send you a letter notifying you of the amount of the offset, the agency where the offset was sent, and the contact information for that agency. When is a debt sent to the Treasury Offset Program (TOP)?

    • Tax Offset 12

      Federal Tax Offset. 5. The case must be delinquent for 30 days or longer after the submission to be eligible for an offset of the refund. WHAT IF MY TAX REFUND IS MORE THAN MY CHILD SUPPORT ARREARS? If the refund amount is greater than the arrears, the parent ordered to pay will receive the difference, provided there are no

    • U.S. Department of Treasury Offset Program (TOP)

      The Treasury Offset Program (TOP) enables the U.S. Department of Treasury to reduce or withhold any of your eligible federal income tax refund by the amount of an outstanding tax debt. The S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) is authorized by the Internal Revenue Code

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