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  • financing options for customers

    • Energy Efficiency Finance

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      bill financing through which the utility provides loan capital, loan origination and loan servicing to customers. However, the financing options go well beyond this single option, and while on-bill financing may be appropriate for some markets and customers, it may not be appropriate for others.

    • Converting the NonBelievers: Turn Cash Customers Into Finance ...

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      financing from an outside source. When you know that a lien will be necessary, mention to the customer that your dealer-ship offers numerous competitive financing options and that customers typically find these options very appealing. At this point you should direct the customer to your F&I manager or your contracted F&I service provider ...

    • Your Guide to Financing - Daimler Truck Financial

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      03 | Your Guide to Financing Vocational Vocational customers have very specific and special finance needs. Daimler Truck Financial understands that your equipment has different uses and life-cycles and has a Vocational Credit Team dedicated to provide financing solutions to fit your particular needs, no matter what vocational segment your business


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      When retailers do offer their customers a variety of financing options, they are likely to demonstrate increased loyalty. Nearly two-thirds of past users of store financing come back and finance at least one additional purchase of $500 or more, and 33% do so three to five times.7

    • Energy Efficiency Financing for Business Customers

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      Energy Efficiency Financing for Business Customers COMBINE REBATES WITH FINANCING TO LOWER UP-FRONT PROJECT COSTS Xcel Energy understands that investing in energy efficiency upgrades can provide business customers with a favorable return, in part because our rebates help reduce the costs of installing qualified energy efficiency measures.

    • Advantages of Consumer Financing

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      financing option Show customers how financing can help ease the upfront costs of high-efficiency products, allowing them to take advantage of long-term energy savings and a lower APR with the ENERGY STAR financing option. For only a slight increase in monthly payments over no more than a few years, they can enjoy lower monthly

    • The PUC Staff is pleased to find the statement on page 52 of ...

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      capital available to customers in the future.” Section 5 of the Draft Plan describes a scenario in which the utilities continue their current limited program of financing activities, to provide options to customers requiring assistance in covering the co-

    • No credit needed financing providers at a glance

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      offer no credit needed financing options for their customers. Areas to consider when evaluating their programs are presented in this chart along with responses from five companies that market their services to tire dealers: Acima LLC, FlexShopper LLC, Snap Finance LLC, Tempoe LLC and West Creek Financial Inc. No credit needed financing

    • Small Business Financing Program Manual

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      • Financing allows contractors to offer their customers projects based on monthly payments and budget impact, rather than total construction cost oPositive cash flow options available! • Financing can be used in conjunction with (or as an alternative to) utility rebates Small Business Financing Program Manual Version 6.14.1 Page 11

    • 4 Reasons Your Customer Didn't Accept Your Financing

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      4 Reasons Your Customer Didn’t Accept Financing… page 3 It is critical that your F&I manager treat every customer the same way, regardless of credit score. There is a misnomer that customers with a poor credit score are not affluent. This is simply not the case. There are many reasons a customer may have a low credit score including

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