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      Solution: Using (2), we see that. Example 10: Referring back to Example 8, use equation (2) to find the number of ways you can choose 2 shirts from 5 total to go on a trip. Solution: Using equation (2), we see that. A permutation is a listing of objects where the order of the objects in the list is important.

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      70. Justify: to show an solution to be reasonable. 71. Label: To identify. 72. Mode: in a set of scores, the mode is the score that occurs the most. 73. Range: subtract the highest and the lowest values to find the range of the set of numbers. 74. Sum: the total or whole amount

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      It is solution independent. The ERD is a statement of what the application is to do—not of how it works. The FRD does not commit the developers to a design. ... State, for example, if one group of users may view an attribute but may not update it while another type of user may …

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      Expel (i.e., spit) the solution carefully into a clean 50 ml centrifuge tube, then carefully pour the saline/cheek cell suspension back into the original 15 ml centrifuge tube. Place the 15-ml tube in the clinical centrifuge, putting your tube across the rotor from another for balance. Spin the tubes in the centrifuge for 5 min at 3,000 rpm.

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      SOLUTION: Since the vertex of is and the axis of symmetry is the line . To draw a good graph, we should find a few of additional points; the easiest point to find is the y-intercept. Since y-intercept occurs when we simply need to find : So is the y-intercept of . Now we can use the axis of symmetry to find another point on the graph of .

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      Find a right end approx. for the area between the curve and the x-axis on the interval [0, 2] with n = 4. Find a midpoint approx. for the area between the curve and the x-axis on the interval [0, 2] with n = 4. Find a left end approximation for the area between the curve and the x-axis on the interval [0, 2] with n = 8.

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      Solution: In this problem, the water tank has the following shape: The volume of a right circular cone is given by the formula, where h is the height of the cone and r is the radius of the base. In this problem we want to find the rate the water is flowing into the tank. In terms of rate of change of volume, , we find this rate using the equation

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      Please verify your solution by showing the slopes of the sides, the lengths of the sides, the midpoint of the diagonals as well as the angle measures. After you have found one point that makes a parallelogram, is it possible to find another point that will make a different parallelogram with the three given points?

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      Solution a) because . b) because . c) because . d) because ( Key idea. The Vigenère cipher requires a key word that will first shift each letter of the word to be encoded. Each letter of the word to be encoded is identified by a position 0 – 25 (A is located in position 0, not 1).

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