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    • [DOC File]Relay For Life® Mission Statement

      Some radio stations may gladly put your challenge on the radio. Challenge by the Boss - Get the boss to agree that if every team member raises their minimum $100 that he/she will dress up like a pig, shave his beard/head, sit in the dunking booth, get a pie in the face, etc.

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    • [DOC File]Federal Communications Commission | The United States of ...

      Re: Creation of a Low Power Radio Service (MM 99-25) When I first became Chairman of the FCC, I started talking to people about radio. And I encountered a lot of frustration on the part of folks who felt like they had ideas on how to put radio to good use serving their communities, but no way of putting those ideas into action.

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    • [DOC File]Guard Your Gates

      “Our two radio stations are in competition with each other, too.” (Make sure that both your volunteers are still making hand motions toward you.) “If the devil can get you to listen to his radio station, he knows you won’t be listening to God’s radio station.” (Twist your nose, and lean toward the KLIE radio tower.)

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    • [DOCX File]Station 1: Life for American Kids - Cedar Hill ISD / CHISD ...

      Japanese submarines attacked shipping near the California coast. There were reports of signaling from the Pacific Coast to enemy ships at sea, both by radio and by flashing lights. ... Boys came into the police stations saying: "Charge me with vagrancy or anything, but don't send me out there!" pointing to the streets where other boys, as young ...

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    • [DOCX File]Federal Communications Commission

      Further, AM radio is the most diverse broadcast service in our country. Most minority-owned stations are located on the AM dial and many AM stations carry a wide variety of foreign-language programming. And finally, if anyone still disputes AM radio’s ongoing value, here’s what I …

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    • [DOCX File]OCB Resource Guide - Oregon

      iBlink Radio, which includes radio stations, podcasts and reading services of special interest to persons who experience visual impairment. ... VizWiz, which allows users to recruit remote sighted workers to help them with visual problems in near real-time. Users take a picture with their phone, speak a question and then receive multiple spoken ...

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    • [DOCX File]Federal Communications Commission

      Take for example, a rule that previously prevented one company from owning more than 40 radio stations. Today, one company owns 850 radio stations – this is more than 20 times larger than the limits set before the 1996 Act.

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    • [DOC File]Local: C:\Documents and Settings\jordanw\My Documents ...

      The opportunity to participate in radio interview shows and TV talk shows at the local level is a very good as these managers are always looking for new and interesting guests. (Appendix I Sample Radio PSA) (Appendix J Sample TV PSA) Use an Internet search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc) and perform a search of radio and TV stations within your state.

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    • [DOC File]In Your Pocket

      Apr 04, 2019 · Radio. To hear a list of Internet streaming radio stations say, “List radio stations” or, “Listen to radio” or to find radio from an area say, “List radio stations from Edinburgh”. To go straight to a radio station say, “Listen to BBC Radio 3”. NOTE: Listening to radio uses your monthly data allowance if you are not connected to ...

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      Showing that for instance, for radio, minorities comprise 7.78% of all radio stations. However, only 8.5% of radio stations owned by small businesses. That means as a practical matter, that in the very unlikely event that all radio stations owned by non-small businesses were sold to small businesses, minority ownership would increase all the ...

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