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    • [DOC File]Chapter 1: The Texas Marital Property System

      Note: It may sound overly simplistic, but know what you own and know how it is titled. For example, know how the deed to your house is titled, the titles to your motor vehicles, bank accounts, mutual fund accounts, stock certificates, insurance policies, IRAs, annuities, etc. Further, know where these documents are located.

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      The Division of Unclaimed Funds (UCF) is under the Ohio Department of Commerce (ODOC) and is responsible for safekeeping and management of unclaimed property which may consist of funds from a bank account, rent or utility deposits, uncashed checks, undelivered stock certificates or unclaimed insurance policies.

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    • Lost Share Certificate

      If any Company Stock Certificate shall have been lost, stolen or destroyed, Parent may, in its discretion and as a condition precedent to the payment of any Merger Consideration with respect to the shares of Company Common Stock previously represented by such Company Stock Certificate, require the owner of such lost, stolen or destroyed Company ...

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    • [DOC File]Initial public offering (IPO), also referred to simply as ...

      4. Proof of Ownership of the Farm or Agribusiness. One or more of the following may be used as proof of ownership: tax returns with appropriate schedules, stock certificates with proof of total number of shares, or other documentation acceptable to the agricultural loan committee. 5. Proof of Employees.

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      Tucker admitted, however, that he never received the BMC stock certificates, and he failed to produce any of BMC’s records during the C.R.C.P. 105 proceeding. At the time of Tucker’s alleged purchase, BMC was not in good standing with the secretary of state and the corporate name was no longer available.

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      F 2. The authorized stock of a company represents the maximum number of common shares that the company can reacquire under the terms of corporate charter. T 3. An increase in common stock may be disadvantageous to the issuing company because it involves possible dilution of …

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      (H earned this during marriage so it should be CP but really, it’s just an increase in value of SP.) H & W got divorced. At that time, the stock was worth many times what it previously had been. H was compensated $380,000 for his labor over the marriage. Upon divorce, H claimed the stock was worth 650 k; W claims the stock was worth $1,250,000.

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    • [DOC File]Coats, J - CO Courts

      Sep 01, 2020 · As soon as practicable after the Mandatory Conversion Time and, if applicable, the surrender of any certificate or certificates (or lost certificate affidavit and agreement) for Preferred Stock, the Corporation shall (a) [issue and deliver to such holder, or to his, her or its nominees, a certificate or certificates for the number of full ...

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    • [DOCX File]State of Ohio Procurement

      See Exhibit 19 – SF 135 – Records Transmittal and Receipt; (Completed) with Instructions. (Note: The only box that the PAFB Staging Area will accept is stock number 8115-00-117-8249. These boxes are available through GSA. The box should be 10 inches tall when assembled. Taller boxes do not fit on the shelves and will not be accepted).

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      Note: Not all IPOs are eligible for delivery settlement through the DTC system, which would then either require the physical delivery of the stock certificates to the clearing agent bank's custodian, or a delivery versus payment (DVP) arrangement with the selling group brokerage firm . This information is not sufficient. Finding the right IPO ...

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