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  • finding statistical significance in excel


      How the data were analyzed (qualitative analyses and/or statistical procedures used to determine significance, data transformations used, what probability was used to decide significance, etc).

      statistical significance

    • Application - Loudoun County Public Schools / Overview

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      If the probability of the mean being compared (p-value) is high, it gives confidence in your conclusion that there is no statistical significance between the two means. On the other hand, if there is statistical significance (p < 0.05), it means that for your methods the means are statistically significant.

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    • Coconino Community College - Education that Works for You

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      statistical significance versus practical significance. This is a major issue in statistics. Something could be statistically significance, which means that a statistical test shows there is evidence to show what you are trying to prove. However, in practice it doesn’t mean much or …

      statistical significance

    • Example SPSS Output for T-Test for Difference in Means

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      The p-value is labeled as “Sig.” in the SPSS output (“Sig.” stands for significance level). To find the correct “Sig.”, look in the section of the “Independent Samples Test” output labeled “t-test for Equality of Means” and you will find a column labeled “Sig. (2-tailed).” This is the correct column, not the column ...

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    • Percentages: The most useful statistics ever invented

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      Feinstein, A.R. (1990). The unit fragility index: An additional appraisal of “statistical significance” for a contrast of two proportions. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 43 (2), 201-209. Feldt, L.S. (1996). Confidence intervals for the proportion of mastery in criterion-referenced measurement. Journal of Educational Measurement, 33, 106-114.

      statistical significance

    • Review of Basic Statistical Concepts

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      To find the critical value associated with the significance level , follow: fx > Statistical > NORMINV and enter 1 - in the Probability field. Example From the Excel output to the right we see that. z0.05 = 1.645 The Distribution of the Sample Mean

    • Sampling and Sample Size

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      Statistical significance means that a difference is “real” and not just due to sampling variability or chance. That is, the difference would persist if the study were repeated with new random samples. Clinical significance addresses whether the difference is “important”; i.e. is the magnitude of the difference large enough to be useful ...

    • Standard Deviation of the Average

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      The excel function to find the p-value is =tdist(tstat, degs of freedom,2). Reject the null hypothesis. if the sample’s p-value is less than the chosen significance level “alpha” (. Accept the null hypothesis. if a sample’s p-value exceeds or equals the chosen significance level “alpha”

    • Visualizing and Understanding Confidence Intervals Using ...

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      Regression is the process of finding the best line, in the least squares sense, to fit a set of data that falls into a roughly linear pattern; correlation is a way to measure how well the regression line actually fits the data. ... as do statistical software packages and spreadsheets such as Excel. It is this capability that makes it reasonable ...