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    • [PDF File]Enhanced Intake for All American Job Center Customers: A ...

      model of service provision in which all job seekers receive staff-assisted employment services during their first visit to an American Job Center (AJC; formerly known as a One-Stop Career Center). Instead of conducting a primarily self-directed job search on their first visit to an AJC, under this new model, customers meet with a

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    • [PDF File]Not Lost in Translation - New American Economy

      Not Lost in Translation ... enhanced job opportunities and higher wages for today’s workers.4 Yet, despite this rapid increase in demand for foreign language skills, fewer students in the United States are ... by more than 111,000 spots—the first decline since 1995.

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    • [PDF File]Career ProsPeCts aNd outComes of u.s.-eduCated ...

      payoff will be more than figurative: The goal is a good first job out of school, one that pays well, that is in the student’s field of study, and that leads to additional opportunities down the road. However, the expected path is as much assumption as it is tested reality. The fact is that, as the

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    • [PDF File]The Restaurant Workforce in the United States

      The restaurant industry provides millions of job opportunities to immigrants, workers with few formal qualifications, and young people just starting out in the workforce. 4 Nearly 50 percent of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry at least once during their life, and over 25 percent of

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    • [PDF File]Recidivism: Employment Opportunities after Incarceration

      Recidivism: Employment Opportunities after Incarceration Michelle Lee, McNair Scholar ... influencing the type of job and pay that they will be able to obtain post-prison. The prospect of ... First time drug offenders were being given life sentences because of bad deals and mandatory minimums. These factors have all contributed to

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    • [PDF File]Job Opportunities at the U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa

      Return to the vacancy listing page to search for more job opportunities. VIEW YOUR DASHBOARD RETURN TO VACANCY LISTING . Welcome, WILSON BULIJ Applications Complete Position Title Comments Grade 7 No Comment Vacancy Status Accepting Applications Vacancy doses in 4 days FIRST Incomplete Actions Edit Application Update Documents Download Your ...

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