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      History of Corneal Transplantation, Eye Banking and the EBAA The Success of Early Corneal Transplants In 1905, when Eduard Konrad Zirm, MD, performed the first successful corneal transplant, a long line of corneal transplantation, research and techniques began. During its existence,


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      Cataract surgery performed before 800 B.C. P. N. ROY, K. S. MEHRA, AND P. J. DESHPANDE* Department ofOphthalmologv and *Department ofShalya Shalalcya, Institute ofMedical Sciences, BanarasHindu University, India Duke-Elder (I969) pointed outthat cataract surgery wasperformedin India bySushrutabythe couching technique long before the Christian ...

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      a revolutionary technology in cardiac surgery." Although this is the first closed-chest, totally endoscopic bypass procedure ever performed in the United States, the da Vinci System has already been used to perform over 200 TECABs at multiple sites throughout Europe. "To be able to offer this same benefit to American patients and surgeons is very

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    • Cataract surgery performed before 800 B.C.

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      {¶7} During trial, Mr. Kester related that he had two surgeries performed by Bradley Mullin, M.D., subsequent to the surgeries performed by Dr. Brakel. The first surgery performed by Dr. Mullin took place on October 22, 2001. The second was on July 30, 2002. Dr. Mullin did not testify in the case.

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    • History of Corneal Transplantation, Eye Banking and the ...

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      The Truth About Back Surgery Of the 56 million Americans who have back pain, only 5 percent need surgery. Here's how to protect yourself and find relief that really works. Want to know more about back pain? Check out our Complete Guide to Back Pain for more information and solutions.

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      surgery. After the training, Dr. Batra performed the first ever ICG-assisted macular hole surgery in Bhutan. After watching Dr. Batra’s case, Dr. Rai performed his first two ICG cases with Dr. Batra by his side. Finally, Dr. Batra installed updates on the Constellation Vitrectomy system and …

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      shortly after the surgery, so none of his colleagues be-lieved in the report of the operation. The post-mortem ex-amination of the patient, who died of senility 26 years later, showed that the operation had been performed and that the uterus had indeed been removed in its entirety5. The first planned vaginal hysterectomy without prolapse

    • Kester v. Brakel - Supreme Court of Ohio

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      Lung Volume Reduction Surgery for Severe Emphysema Table of Contents ... N/A indicates that this service is primarily performed in an inpatient setting. Outpatient Commercial Managed Care (HMO and POS) ... Key pulmonary function parameters are the volume of the first …

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      (PDA), the first successful surgery of its kind ever performed.1,2 The procedure transformed her health and was a crucial step in opening up the fields of vascular and cardiac surgery. The procedure was performed by Dr. Robert Gross, a pupil of Dr. William Ladd, both among the most notable contributors to the development of pediatric surgery.