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    • Aid Codes Master Chart (aid codes) - Medi-Cal

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      The Aid Codes Master Chart was developed for use in conjunction with the Medi-Cal Automated Eligibility Verification System (AEVS). Providers must submit an inquiry to AEVS to verify a recipient’s eligibility for

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    • Power of Attorney - Department of Taxation and Finance

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      02900106170094 New York State Department of Taxation and Finance New York City Department of Finance Power of Attorney POA-1 (6/17) Read instructions on the back before completing this form. For estate tax matters, use Form ET-14, Estate Tax Power of Attorney. Filing Form POA-1 does not automatically revoke any previously filed powers of attorney (POAs), but may affect who receives mailings.

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      the special parking privileges in Florida, provided such other state or district grants reciprocal recognition for disabled residents of this state. All of the United States has agreed to reciprocate. Section 320.0848, Florida Statutes, provides for the issuance of the disabled person parking permit.

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    • Notice of Disagreement

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      VA FORM SEP 2018. 21-0958 INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING NOTICE OF DISAGREEMENT (NOD) IMPORTANT: Please read the information below carefully to help you complete this form quickly and accurately.

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    • Designation of Beneficiary

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      INSTRUCTIONS: The Insured or assignee must sign this form. Two people must witness the signature and sign as witnesses. The Insured's agency (or U.S. Office of Personnel Management [OPM], if the Insured is an annuitant or insured as a compensationer) must receive the designation before the Insured's death.

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    • Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program ...

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      a Federal employee, annuitant, or compensationer. If you are filing a claim for a dependent, use form FE-6 DEP. Each claimant/ beneficiary is required to complete their own form. Provide all of the information requested, so OFEGLI may process your claim as quickly as possible. If you have questions, or need help completing this form, call OFEGLI at

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      navcompt form 3065 (3pt) (rev. 2-83) 1. date of request. 2. for . admin. use only. approval of this leave is . not valid . without control no,

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    • Sample Schedule A Letter - Veterans Benefits Administration

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      Sample Schedule A Letter from the Department of Labor’s Office of Disability and Employment Policy: Date . To Whom It May Concern: This letter serves as certification that (Veteran’s name) is a person with a severe disability that qualifies him/her for consideration under the Schedule A hiring authority.

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