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    • Office of Florida Financial Education

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      Office of Florida Financial Education Department of Financial Services Fletcher uilding 201 E. Gaines Street Tallahassee, Florida 32399 Phone: 850-413-3060 Accountability@myfloridacfo.com In-The-Field Training Training Schedule We offer a multi-subject training that is presented regularly. Check the training schedule for dates.

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    • Florida Department of Environment al Protection ...

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      Florida Department of Environment al Protection. Application Instructions Guide for. Florida Communities Trust Parks and Open Space Grant . WHAT IS FLORIDA COMMUNITIES TRUST'S (FCT) PARKS AND OPEN SPACE PROGRAM? Florida Communities Trust's (FCT) Parks and Open Space grant program is a state land acquisition grant

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    • Final 2017-2018 Florida Department of State Division of ...

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      Final 2017-2018 Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Grants Funded, Partially Funded, and Not Funded Column 1: What

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    • 2018-19 Funding for Florida School Districts

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      Minor state funding sources include the sales tax distribution, which is collected by the Florida Department of Revenue and divided equally among Florida counties, in accordance with Article VII, section 7 of the Florida Constitution. The allocation of these funds is to the counties, which may share the funds with school districts.

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    • Florida School Improvement Grants Application (PDF)

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      Florida Department of Education School Improvement Grants Application 2 showed progress in this area over the last three years were not included. Florida’s definition included all students at the elementary, middle, and high school level in reading and mathematics, a combination of both, and the lack of progress since 2002-03.

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    • State Scholarships and Grants Update

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      www.FLDOE.org © 2014, Florida Department of Education. All Rights Reserved. State Scholarships and Grants Update Florida Association of Student Financial Aid ...

    • State Scholarships and Grants Update

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      www.FLDOE.org © 2014, Florida Department of Education. All Rights Reserved. State Scholarships and Grants Update Florida Association of Financial Aid Administrators

    • 2017-2018 Florida Department of State Division of Cultural ...

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      The Florida Department of State (DOS) submitted four-ranked lists to the Florida Legislature for its review and funding consideration of four-separate Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) grant programs . A total of 638 qualified and recommended 2017-2018 DCA grant applicants, based in forty-two Florida counties, request a total of four

    • State of Florida Florida Department of Education Bureau of ...

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      FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT PACKAGE. DATE & TIME DUE: November 24, 2015 @ 11:00 AM, Eastern Time (ET) Potential Bidders should notify the Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Contracts, Grants and Procurement Management Services by returning this Bid Registration Form as soon as possible after downloading.


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      The Department of State is created by Section 20.10, Florida Statutes. The head of the Department is the Secretary, who is appointed by the Governor and subject to confirmation by the Senate. Kurt S. Browning served as the Secretary during the period of our audit. Subsequent to Secretary Browning’s resignation on April 30, 2010,

    • Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and The State ...

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      Delinquency Prevention Grants Spring 2005 5 Florida’s estimated award under Title II of the JJDP Act for FY 2005 is $3 million. The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice is the State agency designated by the Governor and approved by the Administrator of OJJDP to administer Title II funds in Florida. The

    • State Scholarship and Grant Programs Policy Manual

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      A complete listing of definitions used by the Department of Education can be found in State Board of Education Rule 6A-20.001, Florida Administrative Code. The definitions included in this manual are additional or expanded definitions you may need for the administration of state-funded financial aid programs at your institution.

    • Source Type Program name Administered By Notes Website

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      Source Type Program name Administered By Notes Website Gov‐State Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) Community Planning Technical Assistance Grant FL Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) DEO has funding for Community Planning Technical Assistance Grants to …

    • Section title - Florida Department of Education

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      Florida Grants System (FLAGS) AGENCY USER GUIDE FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION f[doe.org Pam Stewart, Commissioner State Board of Education Marva Johnson, Chair John R. Padget, Vice Chair Members Michael Olenick John A. Colon Gary Chartrand Rebecca Fishman Lipsey Andy Tuck

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