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    • DC6-236 Inmate Request (Revised )

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      FLORIDA MODEL JAIL STANDARDS. ANNUAL MEDICAL INSPECTION REPORT. ... When a body cavity search is conducted, is a complete report written and given to the Officer-in-Charge? ... Are all visitors required to register recording name, address, and relationship to the inmate?

      florida prison inmate search

    • Inmates are not housed in direct supervision units unless ...

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      Name of facility: Hardee Correctional InstitutionPhysical address: 6901 State Road 62, Bowling Green, Florida 33834Date report submitted:Auditor Information Hubert L. “Buddy” KentAddress: P.O. Box 534Email: auditorbuddykent@yahoo.comTelephone number: 850-509-1662Date of facility visit: July 22-24, 2014Facility InformationFacility mailing address: (if different from above)Telephone number ...

      florida inmate search

    • Online Inmate Search | Just Enter A Name And State

      Search for Inmates florida. Results on topsearch.co. Find Everything about Inmates florida and Start Saving Now.

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    • Florida Inmate Search & Locator - Find a FL Offender - InfoTracer

      The name of the subject of this search was provided to the affiant by _____. The subject is or may be related to each listed above child as _____. ... Inmate records – Florida and any state indicated by search . Law Enforcement records – area of last residence and all indicated . Internet search sites .

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      Visitation - the name of the inmate, date, length of visit, names of visitors, relationship to inmate, visitor's address, whether contact visit or non-contact visit. Exercise - the name of the inmate, date, time for exercise, whether it was outdoor or indoor, and if the inmate refused.

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    • Name of facility: Hardee Correctional InstitutionPhysical ...

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      Criminal Records, Personal Info, Relatives, Address, Email, Social Media, Marriage, +More. One of the Most Comprehensive & Accurate Public Records Sites Online. Secure & Discreet.

    • FMJS - Florida Sheriffs Association Home Page

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      Informal Grievances and Inmate Requests will be responded to within 15 days, following receipt by staff. You may obtain further administrative review of your complaint by obtaining form DC1-303, Request for Administrative Remedy or Appeal, completing the form as required by Rule 33-103.006, F.A.C., attaching a copy of your informal grievance and response, and forwarding your complaint to the ...

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