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      qualifying black-owned small businesses that service selected corporate clients in South Africa. 1.2. Further information about the Programme is available on the Edge Growth website (which includes Frequently Asked Questions on the Programme (“FAQs”)). In addition, the marketing material for the Programme (as

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      contact details Registration_info@ncr.org.za 011 554 2766 5 working days Ishmael Molekoa imolekoa@ncr.org.za 011 554 2863 Sydney Ntimane sntimane@ncr.org.za 011 554 2785 Annual renewal fees fees@ncr.org.za 011 554 2806 3 working days Tumelo Xhati txhati@ncr.org.za 011 554 2806 Complaints • NCA general complaints • DC-related …

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    • [PDF File] FNB Global Debit card


      FNB Global account Annual Pricing Guide Effective: 1 July 2022 - 30 June 2023 My FNB Global Debit card gives ... Contact us For more information on our FNB Global Account offering: Visit www.fnb.co.za or call 086 013 6739 …

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      Simply login to your FNB Online Banking profile to reload your Card, until the Card expires and subject to Exchange Control Regulations. Alternatively, contact the Forex Advisory Team on 0860 1 FOREX (36739) while in South Africa, or on +27 11352 5606 while abroad, to top up your Card over the phone, or visit an FNB Branch before you travel.

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    • [PDF File] Application for Assistance form FINAL - Ombudsman


      FNB 087 575 9408 011 632 2317 care@fnb.co.za Nedbank 011 294 0291 011 295 0291 OBSRefComplaints@Nedbank.co.za Standard Bank 0860 101 101 011 636 2911 ecru@standardbank.co.za 1.2. Ask for a Complaint Reference Number from your Bank’s Dispute Resolution Unit. 1.3.

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    • [PDF File] eWallet from FNB Namibia - First National Bank


      Please contact the FNB Namibia call centre on 061 299 2222. Please note there may ... If you would like to query this, please contact the relevant call centre (details below): Channel Contact number Hours of Operation Online Banking 061 299 2187 08:00 - 17:00 Mon – Fri, 08:30 – 12:00 Sat ...

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    • [PDF File] made easy with FNB Global Trader


      Should you wish to transfer your existing share portfolio to FNB please send an email to shares@fnb.co.za requesting a CSDP transfer. Please attach a current statement to the request. The transfer support team will contact you within 24 hours and provide you with further assistance in this regard. Before transfer the FNB Stockbroking and Portfolio

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    • [PDF File] FNB Global Account Terms and Conditions


      South Africa (e.g. you may not enter into a foreign commitment with recourse to South Africa). 23. Due to the restrictions and rules imposed by the SARB, we cannot allow another person to transact on your FNB Global Account. 24. We may be required to give the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and/or the SARB information about your FNB Global ...

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    • [PDF File] 08 FNB Download Verified Statement


      Bank safely and securely on the FNB App. Download a verified statement when you need it, anywhere, anytime. How to download a verified statement on the FNB App You will be able to access your verified statement from your cellphone files or use a PDF viewer Login to the FNB App Step 1 Select Statements Step 2 Choose which account you would ...

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    • [PDF File] Govrmt Gtte Sttsort


      REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA REPUBLIEK VAN SUID AFRIKA Vol. 698 4 August Augustus 2023 No. 49109 LEGAL NOTICES WETLIKE KENNISGEWINGS A 9 771682 584003 ... Although the contact person’s name on the letter may be of an existing official, the contact details on the letter are not the same as the Government Printing …

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    • [PDF File] FNB unit trust portfolios Annual Report


      Page 6 of 9 FNB unit trust portfolios | Annual Report | Year Ended 30 June 2023. Portfolio name Equity value Capital value of portfolio (Rand) Net asset value Assets less liabilities (Rand) FNB Momentum Growth Fund 209,473,798 209,472,627 209,473,798 209,472,627 Portfolio name Income (Rand) Expense (Rand) Net profit/(loss) (Rand) FNB …

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    • [PDF File] South Africa Global Transactions Online Banking Global …


      For advice or general Forex queries please contact the Forex Help Line via phone or email. For navigational assistance: 087 575 0000 For Forex advice and all other Forex queries: RMB Corporate Banking - 08603 Forex (36739) or ibes@fnb.co.za FNB Forex - 08601 FOREX (36739) or forex@fnb.co.za

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      9.1 FNB's website: www.battery.co.za; 9.2 FNB's principal place of business set out in paragraph above, during normal 3 business hours; 9.3 the SAHRC until 1 July 2021 (see contact details in paragraph 4.1 above); and 9.4 the Information Regulator from 1 July 2021 onwards (see contacts details in paragraph 4.2 above).

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    • [PDF File] how can we help you?


      2. If you wish to bring the original documentation to our offices, a FNB Securities staff member will sign the documents, make the necessary copies and verify them to be true copies of the original. 3. *An official, South African identity document is considered to be a green, bar-coded identity document.

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    • [PDF File] Declaration: Single Discretionary Allowance


      FNB Securities contact details Johannesburg, Sandton: 0800 256 256 / +27 11 282 8734 Cape Town, Central Portside: 087 335 6015 Cape Town, Willowbridge: 087 736 6270 Durban, Umhlanga: 087 335 0925 Pretoria, Menlyn: 087 335 3833 BE AWARE OF FRAUDSTERS FNB SPM will never ask you for your password or OTP in an email, SMS …

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    • [PDF File] FNB Pension Backed Loan what you need to know FAQs


      You can contact FNB for a settlement on 087 736 3610 If I have a complaint or query, who can I contact? You can contact our team on 087 730 1144/55 or email us at pensionlendingdoc @ fnb . co . za How are repayments collected? Payments are deducted from your salary and paid over to FNB who will allocate it to your FNB Pension Backed …

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    • [PDF File] Pension Backed Loan Application Form


      Registration Tax Identification Number outside of South Africa: ... Contact Details Applicant ... Kindly email the completed form and above-mentioned supporting documents to smarthousingplandocs@fnb.co.za For any queries please contact our Help Desk on 087 736 6000 SECTION 8 1. Credit Record(s)

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      ABSA, FNB. Standard Banks, or Nedbank (banking channel) SST Third Party Channel E-services If E-services: supporting documents for Signed generated documents Certified ID of applicant Certified ID of all incorporators and directors Power of attorney (if applicable) If there is a trust or

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      You can use the registration number with the suffix (South Africa) of the company as a name. Alternatively, you may apply for a name later, and ... 12. Complete the contact details for each director and click on Next ... Examples FNB and Capitec 21. A message will display, confirming that the card holder has been authenticated.

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    • [PDF File] Financial Intelligence Centre Act ('FICA')


      Overview of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 38 of 2001. South Africa has implemented law that is designed to combat money laundering, which is the abuse of financial systems in order to hide and / or disguise the proceeds of crime. This law is known as the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 38 of 2001, abbreviated to.

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    • [PDF File] Governmen Gete Soern


      REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA REPUBLIEK VAN SUID AFRIKA Vol. 696 2 June Junie 2023 No. 48694 LEGAL NOTICES WETLIKE KENNISGEWINGS A Part 1 of 2 9 771682 584003 ... Although the contact person’s name on the letter may be of an existing official, the contact details on the letter are not the same as the Government Printing …

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    • [PDF File] Client Application Form: Individual


      Contact details Home no.: + Work no.: Email: + Cellphone no.: + Expiry date: Y Y Y Y M M D D ... have a tax obligation or tax residence outside of South Africa, FNB SPM is legally obliged to pass on the information in this form to SARS. ... If you are resident in South Africa for tax purposes, please confirm by ticking this box ...

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    • [PDF File] Deceased Reporting: Team profile - FISA


      Email: lthomas@fnb.co.za Julius Senosi Administration Team Leader Telephone: 087 736 7977 Email: jsenosi@fnb.co.za Suvesha Rampaul Operations Manager Telephone: 087 335 5584 Email: srampaul@fnb.co.za Sara-Lee Sanssoucie Call Centre Team Leader Telephone: 087 328 0795 Email: sara-lee.sanssoucie@fnb.co.za Deceased Reporting: …

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    • [PDF File] Cellphone Banking - Frequently Asked Questions - First …


      Cellphone Banking from FNB gives you many security features, making sure that you have peace of mind! Security features include: Automatic registration to inContact, FNB's messaging service, which notifies you immediately of any activity on your FNB account Only the cellphone number registered for Cellphone Banking from FNB can access the cellphone

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    • [PDF File] Financial Service Provider Client Application Form: Corporate


      FNBGF 4.0 04.06.21 MC.12832 FNB Stockbroking and Portfolio Management ... Contact details: Work number Cellphone number: Email Physical address: Area code ... have a tax obligation or tax residence outside of South Africa, or fall into a reportable classification, FNB SPM is legally obliged to pass on the information in this form to SARS. ...

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