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    • [DOT File]DHS-0069, Foster Care Juvenile Justice Action Summary

      Foster Care/Juvenile Justice Action Summary Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Case name Case ID Child name Child person ID Worker name Organization Phone number Email Date completed Type of action (check as many as apply) Effective date Child fatality notification (complete section 1) Caseworker/organization change (complete section 2) Parent contact information change …

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    • [DOCX File]Contractor Quality Control Plan Template

      All inspections and testing are summarized and recorded in a Contractor’s Quality Control Report (CQCR). A copy of the CQCR is sent to MSD Document Control and to the Project Manager. “Original” reports are retained by the Quality Control Manager. Field notes, inspection forms and test reports are filed and available for review by MSDGC.

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    • [XLS File]Percent of Time & Effort to Person Months (PM) Interactive ...

      Percent of Time & Effort to Person Months (PM) Interactive Conversion Table A PI on an AY appointment at a salary of $63,000 will have a monthly salary of $7,000 (one-ninth of the AY). $15,750 (7,000 multiplied by 2.25 AY months). A PI on a CY appointment at a salary of $72,000 will have a monthly salary of $6,000 (one-twelfth of total CY salary).

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    • [DOC File]5E Student Lesson Planning Template

      Title: 5E Student Lesson Planning Template Author: xpsetup Last modified by: Vivian Cunningham Created Date: 6/22/2012 2:59:00 AM Company: RRISD Other titles

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    • [DOC File]

      Superior Court of Washington, County of . In re: Petitioner/s (person/s who started this case): And Respondent/s (other party/parties): No. Declaration of (name):

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      after action report sample. department of the xxxxx. military organization. base name air force base, state, country, etc… memorandum for . from: subject: after action report,

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    • [DOC File]PHS 398/2590, Other Support Format Page

      PHS 398/2590 OTHER SUPPORT Provide active support for all key personnel. Other Support includes all financial resources, whether Federal, non-Federal, commercial or institutional, available in direct support of an individual's research endeavors, including but not limited to research grants, cooperative agreements, contracts, and/or ...

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    • [DOC File]Sample Letter for Public Schools

      Notice of Exclusion for Immunization Noncompliance (Public Schools) Sample Letter [Insert Date] Dear Parent or Guardian of [Insert Child’s Full Name]:

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