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      In the general breakdown of music—in which instrumental music is better than the human voice, the more bodily a type of sound is, the less permissible. Music’s relationship to the body is highly gendered and plays a central role in the male/female music hierarchy. Solo instruments, as previously mentioned, can resemble the voice (specifically, the female voice), and the female voice “can ...

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    • Clearing Commercial Music for C4 Productions

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      Music Production Library Music (MCPS) Library music is considerably cheaper than commercial music and can also be extremely useful if you are unable to find a suitable commercial recording. Most libraries offer free music searches allowing you to swap un-clearable tracks for similar sounding library versions. Although library tracks lack the distinction of a commercial recording they generally ...

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    • General Comments for all Naweedna CDs

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      NRBQ (the New Rhythm and Blues Quartet) have amassed a fanatical cult following over more than two decades of recording and touring with their incredibly versatile eclecticism; their music might veer from country to rockabilly to pop to bar-band R&B to blues to free jazz, all in the same album. The group's wacky, sometimes corny sense of humor and in-concert unpredictability (the band ...

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    • Introduction - Arts Council

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      The Irish state does not provide instrumental music tuition in schools. Most tuition is private, virtually all is provided on fee-paying basis. Relatively few schools have orchestras, although youth orchestras outside schools have expanded greatly in number. In the years ahead, locally-based music education services are set to benefit from a major philanthropic gift from U2 and the Ireland ...


    • Mansfield University

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      Score BM.ME Music Ed Music K-12 7205 X 150 5113 158 BSE.AE Art Ed Art K-12 1402 X 150 5134 158 BSE.CH Chemistry Ed Chemistry 7-12 8420 5245 154 BSE.ECEE PreK-4 PreK-4 2825 Mod 1/8006 Mod 2/8807 Mod 3/8008 197 193 193 BSE.ECSE PreK-4 & Special Ed PreK-4 & Special Ed Pre-K-8 2825 & 9226 Mod 1/8006 Mod 2/8807 Mod 3/8008 197 193 193 Mod 1/8011 Mod 2/8012 220 220 BSE.EN …

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      CHOICE Australia has provided compelling evidence to the inquiry that Australian consumers suffer from significant and unjustified price discrimination – particularly in respect of music downloads from iTunes, PC games, console games and computer software. For instance, Apple has been selling AC/DC’s complete collection on iTunes for $229.99 in Australia – but only $149 in the United States.


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      The right to attend public schools and the compulsory attendance laws apply to all children who legally reside within the boundaries of the Troy Area School District. This applies to migratory children. W. R. Croman Elementary School follows pupil accounting procedures established in the Pennsylvania Compulsory School Attendance Laws. Since good attendance and good grades are highly correlated ...