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      Welcome Year 3 to your home learning. Dates: Monday . 04. 05.2020 - Friday 0. 9. 0. 5.2020 . H. ello . from all the staff in Year 3. W. here did the sun go? You can see us

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      Other competitors develop and offer free applications, online services and content, and make money by selling third-party advertising. Advertising revenue funds development of products and services these competitors provide to users at no or little cost, competing directly with our revenue-generating products.

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      Artistic movement like doodling, drawing what you hear, or an online paint application. Handheld devices with simple video games such as Bejeweled, Temple Run, Minecraft or Solitaire. Crafts like Legos, play dough, knitting. Activities like daily chores, cleaning, cooking, yard work.

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      Phonics play – fun interactive games to support learning phonics. Lots of eBooks to read here – all free to read and you just need to create a login with an email address. Remember it is just as useful to use picture books with your children and discuss the images as it is to read the words in books – they usually take longer this way too ...

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      Hold a free workshop for our younger siblings (the next generation of FTC competitors) to give them a headstart on learning block programming and building with metal parts. Prepare a short video about the challenge and FTC and present it to our home school co-op during the end of the year program

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      Don’t forget to download the DENI Safer Schools App to support you as you keep your children safer online.Download the App for free by searching for ‘Safer Schools’ in the Apple App Store or on Google play. ... It had been torture to watch the business fail. Now, he was setting up a furniture removal company. ... Minecraft have FREE ...

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