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  • free printable employee attendance forms


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      Signature of Employee “I have read this Employee Warning Notice and understand it.“ Date _____ ____/____/_____ Signature of Manager Issuing the Warning. Date. U:\Forms\Warning Notice2.doc Page 1 of 1. Created on 12/12/01. Tardiness/Early Quit. Failure to follow directions. Attendance. Carelessness. Rudeness to Employee/Customer. Willful ...

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    • Employee Evaluation Form for Maintenance, Mechanics and ...

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      Supervisors may also add any additional information about the employee which they feel has not been covered by this evaluation form but which is essential to a complete evaluation. ... Work relationships with fellow employees Attendance and punctuality Personal appearance and cleanliness Interpretation of instructions and assignments People ...

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    • Employee performance review form (short)

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      Aug 10, 2017 · Attendance/Punctuality. Comments. Initiative. Comments. Communication/Listening Skills. Comments. Dependability. Comments. Overall Rating (average the rating numbers above) Evaluation. Additional Comments. Goals (as agreed upon by employee and manager) Verification of Review. By signing this form, you confirm that you have discussed …

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    • Letter of first and second warning template

      It is important that the employee reads and understands this letter. Depending on the circumstances, you could ask the employee to sign a copy of the letter and return it to you, or you could follow up with the employee to make sure they received it and keep a note that you did this.

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    • Management Review Meeting Minutes template

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      In attendance: NAME TITLE Absent: NAME TITLE For absent members, the minutes of this meeting must be sent to them afterwards, and opportunity for review and comment given. Any comments, changes, or additional inputs from these individuals must be incorporated into the final minutes or issued as an addendum.

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    • New Hire Checklist (MS Word)

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      20 Become familiar with the ConnectED intranet website. If you have questions, contact your Ambassador or Concierge. 21 Familiarize yourself with the Employee Express online self-service program. If you have questions, contact your Concierge. 22 Learn how to complete the bi-weekly Time and Attendance Form. If you have questions, contact your ...

    • New employee: safety orientation checklist

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      New employee safety orientation. Employee’s name: Position: Hire date: _____ Department: Supervisor: Company vision statement. We believe all accidents are preventable and embrace a culture of zero accidents. We believe in reporting unsafe conditions and acts. We believe in reporting accidents and incidents

    • Safety Meeting Attendance Sheet

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      Title: Safety Meeting Attendance Sheet Subject Safety Meeting Attendance Sheet Department Name Department and Division Meeting Date: Time: End of Meeting: Meeting Location: Name/Title of Employee Conducting Meeting: Employees In Attendance Employee Name Employee Signature Not Present

    • Training Acknowledgment Form - LaborLawCenter

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      Make sure that the employee, supervisor, or manager is scheduled and attends refresher training within the follow-up period. Human Resources Tips and Forms. Save time and money by using our free human resources forms for business and staff management.

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      Attitude. 1. Offers assistance ____2. Contribution ____3. Sensitivity and consideration for others' ____4. Accepts constructive criticism positively ____5.