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    • 101 Ways to Succeed in Selling

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      how to sell themselves. In this brief, to-the-point book, you’ll learn 101 ways to be successful in selling yourself, a product, service, or an idea. The ideas, methods and techniques presented are so easy to apply you can start using them today. And, they’re so effective you’ll want to continue to use them for a lifetime.

    • 8 Steps to Start Selling Online - Network Solutions

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      8 Steps to Start Selling Online 2 In 2008, consumers spent $130.1 billion online at U.S. based ecommerce websites, which does not include online auction sites, travel spending, or corporate purchases, a 6 percent increase over 2007. 1 There has never been a better time to be on the receiving end of American’s spending patterns, and the market keeps improving. Many people start an ecommerce website as their …

    • Comparative Study of Online and Offline Shopping: A Case Study …

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      comparing the offline and online decision making and identifying the factors that motivate customers to decide whether to do online shopping or go for the offline shopping. Consumer’s shop when and where they want, where they are comfortable with the products and the choice of shopping. The study finds that female are more into online ...

    • Consumers’ Perception on Online Shopping

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      5.1. To Know the Type of Products Purchased By Consumers through Online Shopping 5.1.1. Type of Products Purchased Online It is clearly indicated that out of the 100 people surveyed the total number of various products purchased by them online 5.6 % purchased software online, 16.74% purchased books and magazines, 6.05% purchased computer

    • E-Commerce: Purchasing and Selling Online

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      E-COMMERCE: PURCHASING AND SELLING ONLINE Small businesses that are considering purchasing or selling . online will find this a useful resource to help them identify and select appropriate e-commerce options. Tips and strategies for attracting and keeping online customers are also presented.

    • Online Marketing

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      Online Marketing i About the Tutorial This is a brief tutorial that provides an overview of how to market your products and services using various online platforms. It describes various online marketing techniques such as Online Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Building SEO-Friendly Websites, Content Marketing,