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      explanation click the Frontline Support button>Watch instructional videos. Canceling Assignments If you must cancel an assignment, please do so as early as possible in order for the system to locate another substitute for this assignment. Only in extreme emergencies should an assignment be canceled ... Substitute Sign-In Sheets. ...

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    • 2017-2018 - Homepage - Conroe ISD

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      Curricular/Field Trip, the substitute will be paid using the teacher’s funding source. If no accounting code is selected for Staff Development-Campus Funded, the substitute will be paid using 199x-11-SB-xxx-11000. If you select Activity Fund as an accounting code, …

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      Frontline Substitute Verification All earnings for campus and department substitutes, substituting for an – absent employee or vacant position are reported to Payroll Services through this system. Extra Help Substitute Time Sheet – All extra help substitute earnin gs are reported to Payroll Services on the manila cardstock

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    • Quick Guide for Sarasota County Substitutes

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      Sign on Note: Substitute Teachers sign on using the User ID and Password listed above Classified Substitutes will need to create a login. Call Professional Development with any questions Employee Portal for Payroll: extension 31300 User Name: A# on the back of …

      frontline education substitute

    • Substitute Payroll Documentation Review

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      For each substitute tested, we obtained relevant supporting documentation. For substitute teachers, this information included Frontline daily reports and sign-in sheets. For substitute custodians, food services workers, and teacher assistants daily sign-in sheets were utilized (not generated from the Frontline software). For substitute bus ...

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    • to your AESOP account - Region One ESC

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      Option B: Select Custom Date Range and select date from 11/11/2014 to 12/07/2014 and click Change Date Step 6: Click on Expand All to review all actual days worked for the pay period

    • Logging in on the Web

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      If an available job has not been filled by another substitute two days before the absence is scheduled to start, Aesop will automatically start calling substitutes, trying to fill the job. Keep in mind, when Aesop calls you, it will be calling about one job at a time, even if you’re eligible for other jobs.

    • Handbook for Substitute Teachers

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      Substitutes will be able to view this information in the Frontline system. The substitute teacher is subject to reassignment during the day due to extenuating circumstances. Substitute Sign-In At the beginning of each teaching day, the substitute should report to the school office. The substitute will be asked to sign the Substitute Sign-In Form.

    • for 1.800.942.3767 www.FrontlineK12.com/Aesop

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      substitute has accepted your absence Aesop will read off his or her name. •If you work at multiple school locations please refer to the Employee Web guide for detailed instructions. 1.800.942.3767 Main Menu To Create an Absence To Check Entitlement Balances To Review or Cancel Your Upcoming Absences Review or Change Personal Information Aesop ...

    • Absence Management - bold.k12.mn.us

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      The Sign In page will appear. Enter your ID/username and PIN/password and click Sign In. ... administrator or substitute, etc. and attach any files, if needed. You can then click Create Absence. ... Help Resources and select Frontline Support. This opens a

    • Substitute Quick Start Guide for - wsfcs.k12.nc.us

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      You’ll be prompted to enter your ID number (followed by the # sign), then your PIN number (followed by the # sign). When calling Aesop, you can: Find available jobs – Press 1 Review or cancel upcoming jobs – Press 2 Review or cancel a specific job – Press 3 Review or change your personal information – Press 4

    • Absence and Substitute Management

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      SUBSTITUTE SIGN-IN REPORT The Substitute Sign-In Report generates a list of substitutes scheduled to work each day that can be printed and signed by the substitute upon arrival. Access the Substitute Sign-In Report by clicking on Reports > Absence > Substitute Sign In APPROVING (OR DENYING) ABSENCES

    • Did you create two Frontline ID accounts?

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      Did you create two Frontline ID accounts? To merge them: 1. Log into one of the accounts ... (Substitute Consortium Coordinator) YOUR FRONTLINE ACCOUNT ... (Substitute Consortium Coordina) o Account Settings (5 Sign Out Bulk Change Users (1) v x 1 user . ation has nt so )Stit Merge a Frontline ID Account This tool merges your information into ...

    • ESC-COG Substitute Consortium Employee Handbook

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      ESC-COG Substitute Consortium Employee Handbook On behalf of the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio - Council of Governments (ESC-COG) Governing Board, it is our pleasure to welcome you as a substitute employee. The services and good work that you perform as a substitute are highly valued, as you have the ability to make a

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