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  • fun summer water activities

    • Summer Fun Quiz Bowl Questions

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      Summer Fun Quiz Bowl . Questions . 1. The date of the summer solstice varies slightly from year to year. In 2014, ... Barbecues and cookouts are popular summer activities. Which President hosted the first barbecue at the White House? (Hint: He was President ... water – Fresh fruits are an excellent source of water, which is critical for ...

    • Healthy Hydration 2 - Aqua Bodies - Water Education for ...

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      Healthy Hydration Background The Role of Water in the Human Body Water is the major constituent of the human body since about 60% of adult body weight is due to water. This water ... tape the water drops to their body drawings (from Parts I and II) where they deem appropriate for the func-tion described. For example the

    • Hydration Be Active, Stay Cool! - Food & Fun

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      • Involve parents in daily physical activities and snack time • Hold regularly scheduled events each month • Offer parents fun water! Put a pitcher of water and cups by the sign- out book. Add sliced oranges, cucumbers, lemons or a splash of 100% juice. Be creative! Try different “fun water” every day for a week.

    • FUN CAMP THEMES 2014 - Eastern Michigan University

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      FUN CAMP THEMES – 2014 ... It’s a Flip Flop Summer (June 9 – June 13) Welcome to another summer of Fun Camp! This past winter was a tough one for all of us, and ... hopefully, hot summer, it’s time to cool off! Water week has everything you need for fun in the sun. Get ready for water games, a trip to Rolling Hills Water Park, and our ...

    • Teaching Skills During Fun Summer Activities

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      Motivating)Summer)Activities) ... • Water)Fun)Ideas:)(see)ideas)for)teaching)skills)below)# o Paint#the#sidewalk,#bricks#onthe#house#or#driveway#withbig#paint#brushedandwater# o Wash#toys#in#big#tubs#outside# ... Microsoft Word - Teaching Skills During Fun Summer Activities.docx

    • Risky Drinking Can Put a Chill on Your Summer Fun

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      Risky Drinking Can Put a Chill on Your Summer Fun Summer is a wonderful time for outdoor activities with family and friends. For some people, a day at the beach, on the boat, or at a backyard barbecue will include drinking alcoholic beverages. But risky drinking and summer activities don’t mix. Drinking impairs both physical and mental abilities,

    • Summer Learning Fun! Tips for School-Age Child Care Providers

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      summer program themes include space, superheroes, or the ocean. Weave the theme throughout as much of the day as possible— books, games, activities, and even snacks. This helps the theme come to life! Themes make summer child care feel special and different from school-year routines and activities. • Plan a project that children can

    • Articles for Kids - KidsHealth

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      Safe and Healthy Summer. These activities will help your students have a safe, healthy, and fun summer. ... When should you drink water? What does “dehydrated” mean? ... Safe and Healthy Summer Summertime Fun Time Activity Calendar.

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