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    • Diversity & Inclusion Activities - University of Houston

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      Diversity & Inclusion Activities ... Many groups, once aware that it’s ok to relax and have fun, will enjoy the experience of “being able to let go,” if only for a moment. ... It’s important to mix the large groups in different ways because you want the group to be able to generate new ideas,

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    • Involve Training Materials and Activities: A Guide for ...

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      teacher training guide are available for free download from www.embracechildspirit.org. This guide is organized as if I were giving a six-hour workshop. This structure seems most appropriate for teacher training. If you have less time, then choose what you feel is most needed. However, I urge you not to skip the activities that focus on attitudes.

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      feel that the majority of teacher training materials err on the side of the excessively serious. I believe that playing with serious ideas can sometimes remove the threat from academic learning and bring back a lost element of fun. Here, then, is a series of games for use in training or development sessions.

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    • Ready-to-Use Tutoring Activities

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      Ready-to-Use Tutoring Activities ... and, best of all, they’re fun! For more information about literacy activities for children, contact the LEARNS partners at ... • Both you and the child can come up with ideas independently and then share with each other.

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    • 40 Ice Breakers - Training Games, Inc.

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      •Training Games, Inc. has assembled this small list of Ice Breakers as a courtesy to our customers. Our hope is that you will also consider one of our Ice Breaker games available on our site. These are inexpensive and a whole lot of fun to play at your next meeting adding participants names and a level

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    • 50 Activities for Promoting Ethics within the Organization

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      be reproduced for educational/training activities. There is no requirement to obtain special permission for such uses. We do, however, ask that the following statement appear on all reproductions. Reproduced from 50 Activities for Promoting Ethics Within the Organization, by Marlene Caroselli. HRD Press, 2003.

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    • Creative Ways to Train Sunday School Teachers

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      Creative Ways to Train Sunday School Teachers ... variety of training ideas, some the class had never considered and some they had not thought about ... 10. set up your own fun training events: o assign a topic to different teachers and ask them to prepare a short presentation for

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      IDEAS FOR A SUCCESSFUL NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION first few days, and ask if they can answer any preliminary questions. A simple phone call will reduce first day anxieties by presenting a friendly, helpful face of the company. Welcome Note - Send a welcome note, if appropriate, to the new hire's family, offering to answer any of their pre-start

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    • Icebreakers, Team Building Activities, and Energizers

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      Whether it is a small gathering at your home or a large training seminar, we all want to feel that we ... Energizers are quick, fun activi ties to liven up a group. They are particularly useful after a meal, ... Icebreakers, Team Building Activities, and Energizers .

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    • Teachers’ Training 101

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      Exercise: So, You Want to Be a Teacher 3 Tips for Teaching Sunday School 4-5 How to Teach a Lesson 6-7 Let All Things Be Done… in an Orderly Way 8 How to Be a Good Teacher 9-10 Being Creative 11 Exercise: Memory Verse Games 12 More Resources for Teachers (Online resources and others) 13 Teachers’ Training Why do We Have Teachers’ Training? 14

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